The State Fair matters

I’m basically in support of BLM, right…

No less, as an aging white guy with anxiety over my ostensible loss of privilege…  I basically approve of their attention raising endeavors, like at MOA.

I think tactically, this is a bad idea:

Now, there’s a certain amount of white bourgeois obtuseness that rejects ‘Black Lives Matter’ ostensibly in favor of ‘All lives matter’.  Which is, as I said, to be a little obtuse and not get the point.  And if you’re BLM, you fight and agitate against that where you can.  Like at the Mall.   The Fair…this is different, I think you’d be tactically wise to respect Minnesota’s white bourgeois norms and not play into their inclination to stereotype your movement as basically ‘uppity’.  And overly uppity at that.  Be that cosmically unfair or not, ya know, I mean, I get the injustice of being told to not act in a way that will activate crude prejudices…  but I don’t think a Fair protest is smart, you won’t garner any sympathy out of your attention raising…  So know your audience and think about effect.  Strategery.

This thing about the vendor privileges at the fair… this is a lasting regional trope here where people think the booths are all in the hands of the old moneyed families, that they basically make bank during the fair and don’t have to work the rest of the year.  Me… I don’t think they take the rest of the year off…

Jots w/ dots 8/25

Silver foot in his mouth  1) I don’t think “anchor babies” is actually offensive.  It least it ought not be, whatever offense there is, it’s kinda contrived.  2) so Jeb coulda gotten away with a Trump-ian indignant objection here but 3) he’s not articulate.

French Medal of Legion, that’s kind of a nice thing to have on your resume.  Robust, vital young American guys there, the state of American manhood is perhaps not so deficient as we are told.   Handsome devils too, and diverse.  I see a buddy movie coming out of this.

President Rubio / I just don’t know if the country is ready to elect a sexless nag as President

The Kochs: nefarious right wing peacemongers

Yes  Chapman argues that Sanders isn’t actually much of a socialist, and that there is some distance between socialist and Democrat philosophies.  Meh.  Thing is, the Democrats are incapable of articulating limiting principles


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