China syndrome  I’ve never been less concerned about a market melt down in my life….  I don’t have advanced economic insight but if I had to guess, such that the Chinese have widespread valuation problems that necessitate downward share price corrections….  It’s because their enterprises weren’t profitable at a level befitting their size / superficial value or profitable at all, and that was because this notion of cheap mfg expenses in China was somewhat contrived, or at least could not permanently surmount the necessity of achieving real, meaningful profit someday.  IE, I know their labor prices are cheap but most of their expenses are denominated in amounts comparable to the rest of the worlds’.  They needed to be making more money on their commerce this entire time they were underselling everyone.


One thought on “China syndrome

  1. pm1956

    it goes up, it comes down, then it goes up again…..this is only a problem if you are trying to get rich by timing the market (which is a fools game, anyway).

    China and Russia aren’t great places to invest, because how do you know who/what you can trust? Very high risk, IMHO.

    That said, I’m not sure how canceling the state visit of the Chinese President helps…..

    but then i think that Walker is kind of flailing right now.


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