Straight outta Hudson

Saw it last night:  In Hudson.  Tuesday is $5 tickets at the theater there and they were doing good business all around, but this was the day’s top draw among a very white crowd.  Pretty good movie.  NWA’s heyday, 87-91, I was in college.  While I don’t listen to rap now, I did not ‘get it’ then.  Big thing was to sneer at the artistry, which was obviously ignorant on my part.  Hey, I was like 20.  I don’t think I sneer now.  What’s remained somewhat stylistically is the rappers embrace of the pro sports jersey as wardrobe.  I have raised eyebrows at that…they can do better and the pro teams don’t deserve the free endorsement.  I’ve never bought pro sports merch in my life.

Jots w/ dots 8/19

WalkerCare:  The administration, having lied their asses off to get PPACA passed and implemented, I’m kinda…. getting past this whole thing, seeing as it is in place and it does provide some more people coverage.  I don’t know that what that says about my mental diligence is flattering or not.  I don’t see Walker’s plan as superior to OCare, we’re quibbling about details.  BUT….  Such that his numbers don’t add up, the chortling by the lib/left wonk class is a little precious.  Really?  That’s a valid critique now?  Note also:  another thriving machine shop.  Its good business.

President Rubio:

What do morons want?

Little mom and pop hosting company:  There’s some astonishment that Hillary choose THIS hosting company, with people reading ulterior motives into her rationales or that the hosting company was sufficiently hooked in with donors.  There’s hokeyness with the server no doubt, and it would be my desire to see her prosecuted for mishandling documents like someone of less stature would be, but let’s not make mundane attributes into the malevolent.  The WJC foundation there has an office guy who set up the email.  What you do is, you buy a domain name and contract for hosting service at a couple hundred bucks a year.  There’s a zillion companies to choose from, a lot of which are kind of mom and pop.  This office guy chose one that was top of mind to him for whatever reason.  That’s your explanation, and it’s not a dark explanation.

I’ve said that, it’s good to be a tech worker.  And it’s good to be one here.

I said that:

‘Real communism’ hasn’t failed, it’s just not really been tried yet.  The academic author there posits that big data might fulfill central planning’s promise to provide basic material necessities for all.  Ya know, I don’t think central planning’s failure to provide basic material needs is communism’s biggest demerit per se.  It’s the police state and army apparatus you need brutalizing the population to even attempt it.  Which this guy is apparently fine with.  Gotta break some eggs right…


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