Colabello / Millar

Hey the Blue Jays are torrid since making a couple trades, they’ll go to the playoffs as a division champion.  Do note, they haven’t gone to the playoffs in 20 years.  Such that they thought they had some ducks in a row to which they could add better ducks via those trades…. One of those first ducks in a row was Chris Colabello, who was waiver claimed from the Twins over the winter.

Colabello is a curiosity, having come out of the independent leagues in his late 20’s to make the majors.  I comped him to Kevin Millar, who did the same two decades ago.  And I’m right, of course, and will be more right when Colabello contributes to a playoff team like Millar did for the Marlins and Red Sox.

Anyway, the nerds keep trying to evaluate him, and with his 250 at bats with the Twins as the baseline they expect him to regress.    I don’t perceive that, cuz he was hurt for a time here in MN, which explains the low baseline BA… And they forget or aren’t aware how he carried the Twins in April ’14.  When’s he’s hot he hit’s .320.  Anyway, thing is his path through organized baseball kinda negates any fruitful statistical analysis….  He’s out of whack with the age / development curve.

This one, you just trust your eye.   He’s a right handed bat with a little pop, can hit better than .280, will strike out some.  Old(er) and righthanded, lanky galoot, can’t play him in the outfield, generally you have superior candidates for first base.  But the bat is real and useful on various rosters.  IE, Kevin Millar in 04.

Jots w/ dots 8/14

C’mon Vox:  Yeah, it’s a curiosity, and early on I was also moved to understand how Palmer afforded all this.  Kliff, who is known as a wonk on PPACA, whiffs here.  She’s stuck on ADA quartile data, which would say typical dentist earnings in the high quartile are $234K. That’s not it.  A dentist earning $234K couldn’t afford African lion hunting.  The explanation how he affords it is, is he owns the dentistry practice, he’s got other dentists working for him, and it seems a particularly lucrative practice doing cosmetic dentistry in a gold collar suburb.  The guy is earning somewhat more than $1M a year, maybe $2M.  There’s your answer to that prurient curiosity.

Not a handsome devil:  I still think what’s going on springs from an imbalance between how professionally successful this guy was and then how unsuccessful he was with women because of his looks.  What you see here is a guy, 49 years old, flailing about with these texts to formidable professional women in his vocational circle.  I don’t know how predatory it can be when the women you target aren’t vulnerable enough to let it go on for any length of time.  I mean, yeah, its predatory behavior…. and it’s not, just cuz he’s kinda pathetic.

I didn’t go there, but I understand more now what a big deal the U is to this state institutionally.  As far as embarrassment, I don’t think you have to understand the Teague thing as a U failure.  He’s a professional success, he was hired for a reason, it wasn’t ‘wrong’.  But such that that’s true, they had a choice between hiring a back slapping back slapping wheeler dealer for this AD job or an administrator and they chose the back slapper with the baggage that brings.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

I agree with this intuitive notion:

I think the CW was she couldn’t lose the 08 primary  Ya know, you get on the wrong side of a preference cascade, yer toast.


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