Who’s going to lose to Rubio / Haley?

Hey when HRC said she didn’t traffic classified information on her personal email server?  That was a lie.  I know, right?  Arguably a noble lie though , as the mission is to fight and deny the Koch Bros eh.  That’s very noble.


Ya know, yeah, she’s not going to get indicted.  Let’s be real, the DOJ won’t indict Lois Lerner, who obviously could be indicted for abuse of process.  So they won’t indict HRC.  But here’s a thing.

Joe Biden doesn’t not want to run for President.  He wants to.  But he’s a backup, and has stoically embraced being the benchwarmer much as he can.

But he’s not assertively said he’s not running because the opportunity might be there.  And it’s not that BHO and WJC are going to tap him in the near future and say, hey, its go time.   The choice is his.  But he needs an assertive justification to go in and usurp HRC.  Is he going to get it?  Yeah, I would think it’s probable email gate or foundation gate or Sander’s superficial momentum gets worse.  And something like this is the decision point.  He going to say no and step back then?  I doubt it, he’s not looking for a reason to step back.  He’s looking for a clear justification to get in.

I have accepted him in his way as an earnest figure, much as I have Obama.  But I can’t say I’d vote for him and I think most times you put up a 70 year old Presidential candidate against a 45 year old, the younger one wins.  If that were not to happen I’d have to say it was a function of Boomer-ism.  But I still think the Boomers vote the young guy in.

Related: A proper understanding of the hardware technicalities here ought to demonstrate an imperiousness and lack of judgment that disqualifies HRC.  Not that at it would, because recall, any transgression is forgiven in the battle against the Koch Brothers.  Cuz there’s no moral equivalence there right.

But, you got a box set up at the house in Chappaqua, which is connected to a commercial hosting server…  Hillary is in Georgetown, reading the email on her laptop and her phone.

Any mail goes initially to the commercial hosting array, which is probably mundanely vulnerable, as mailboxes to these are accessible via an online login screen.

Then it goes to the server in Chappaqua, which is also online and has similar entry to mailboxes.

Then email gets passed to Hillary on her phone and laptop…

With proper expectation that Hillary had her own set of enemy analysts following her,as their vocation, looking for communication exploits… this is kinda unforgivable that she chose to work outside the govt VPN.

Ya know, Benghazi is explained as ‘spontaneous’, and that’s certainly not an incorrect literal use of that word.  But, what if the ‘spontaneity’ was enabled by a fresh piece of information going to Benghazi AQ from the Russians or Iranians that Amb. Stevens was to be in town, and that the info was derived from HRC’s absurd email system.

That would be bad, I know.  Would it be disqualifying?  Or is she still preferable to a Koch stooge in the WH?  Just wondering.


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