The deuce, 8/12

I can see the WH having to back down here such that they are being made to understand reality by people who pay for things with real money  Now, you can go too far in complaining the administration is a bunch of academics who don’t understand commerce or process.  But the misplaced fixation on unpaid leave is borne of this lack of understanding.  If you keep tacking on things to pay people for besides producing product, you make labor more expensive.  So there’s that.  But another disconnect is that, ya know, the govt has all these contractors because like everyone else they get some value in acquiring labor without the permanent expense of FTEs and their fringe benefits.   You force paid sick leave on the world of outsourcing, then you subvert the ability for the govt to accomplish some things at enhanced efficiency.  I dunno, it’s probably true that the Obama administration doesn’t care about that though eh.  I don’t get paid sick leave, I was sick and out of work more than 3 weeks last Oct.  Had a ST disability policy kick in after two weeks.  That’s the way it works in this world, and it works decently.

More people than Trump talk occasionally about this as if it’s not completely fanciful  I don’t see it.  A rate that makes a wealth tax worthwhile, like 5 – 10%, is a rate that makes it impossible to work.  The govt would be demanding that a lot of illiquid assets be made liquid at the same time.  I gotta think that’s incredibly destabilizing to normal commerce.  Who’s the buyer of all these securities and assets made liquid to pay the tax by the way?

I said that:

Moron resentment:  I dunno, maybe

CSI: Stillwater:  Have not made it in there the last year myself.   Downtown is thriving generally.  Go to Yelp, you see this owner of Oasis diligently pointing out the fake 1 star reviews he gets from out of town keyboard warriors.  That’s interesting…


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