Rubio / Fiorina

Cuz of the name ‘Fiorina’ I kept thinking Carly there is a brassy Italian.  She’s not, that’s a marriage surname.  Nee Sneed, which is Anglo ya figure, but she’s kind of a diluted northern European like so many of us.  Boy, she don’t get any love in that Wikipedia entry.  There’s a criticism of Wikipedia that its wisdom is getting made to conform to liberal tribal knowledge.  With this as an example, I gotta think that’s true.  The overwhelming / over the top theme of the Wikipedia article is that Fiorina was a horrible CEO because the HP / Compaq merger wasn’t a boon.  And that’s supposed to be discrediting of Fiorina.

Meh.  I been trying to remember that PC company that used to superficially operate out of Iowa and South Dakota.  It’s Gateway.  Turns out it still exists as a brand, just as Polaroid does, but the actual company was folded into Acer about 7 years ago for less than $1 billion.  It was paid to get out of a deteriorating business, basically.  Which is what Fiorina did to Compaq, albeit for what was superficially quite a bit more money.  But let’s remember, that’s not real money, it was a stock merger.  And thing is, the entity that Fiorina was leading, HP, survived in a consolidating market, while Compaq did not.  That’s your metric.

Anyway were it not, this criticism of Fiorina as a bad CEO by people who would be hard pressed to identify the attributes of a ‘good’ CEO…. its baloney.  She was successful.  And now, she is assertive and leaderly.  Such that she ain’t going to be the nominee, she’d be a compelling VP.

Jots with dots 8/12

What does Trump mean? :  There’s  a pretty pervasive critique on the libertarian right that say’s Trumps appeal comes as vehicle through which the ‘voter’ can reject the ruling political elite  Uh, maybe… I guess.  I’m fairly disappointed that this is the vehicle we get…

On the question of resentment….  Ya know, it’s supposed to be that we got a bunch of white guys out there that are resistant to change and anxious that their privilege is being usurped….  I used the word ‘assort’ yesterday, like the bowling alone ‘assort’ or something David Brooks or Charles Murray would say.  Which goes to note, I’m mindful that my perception might be limited by how I’ve assorted here in adulthood…  But I don’t know anyone who ‘resents’ like that.  The basic electoral resentment, where the rubber meets the road, is a ‘resentment’ where someone thinks someone else is getting a free ride while you are not.  That’s a bit of what racial and immigration and welfare state politics are about.  And there, I don’t know that the ‘resenters’ resent so much in the abstract.  But they certainly don’t want to have to withhold several hundred dollars more a month to pay for all the goodies that are to buy the votes of the downtrodden.

Feel the Bern:

I doubt that HRC is sinking because of the server thing, and I have a hard time believing it ever becomes a real problem with no DOJ action and no press interest.  Bernie surges because he gives speeches and campaigns.  But, it’s a leading indicator…. she won’t be the nominee.  Think Joe Biden.

Oracle of Omaha: There was a time when I followed stocks, but do not anymore.  Just trying to max out a 401k now.  If I had the resources to trade stocks, I don’t know that I’d have the mental bandwidth to do so.  THIS rises to my attention because it intersects with a few other things I do contemplate.  We’re talking lost wax casting right? It’s been going on a thousand years, I’m kinda surprised it’s so late in history here that an investment casting enterprise gets to this size ($32 Billion apparently).  But…. my understanding of the casting business is through the lense of the gun business, and what I was aware of is that yeah, casting businesses were kind of small generally … Ruger does that, it’s about a $1B company….  And there is a little bit of technology explosion going on the last 5-10 years.  So, stands to reason.


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