Morewood Teague

His statement to Jana Shortal was, I thought, a fair acknowledgment without any gilding.  Good for him.

Here at Zingy we do understand people are flawed.  This thing that happens where people are to get shunned from society… ya know, it’s often too much.  Here’s hoping he gets on with things.  If he wants to redeem himself as a regional public figure, some variant of the Brodkorb path is probably the one to go down.

Now for the amateur psychoanalysis…

The texting thing… it’s a courtship ritual.  Not a good courtship ritual mind you, not one that works with any regularity for most people, but a courtship ritual nonetheless.  Such that Teague doesn’t understand he’s not respecting social boundaries here, the guy is certainly not explained by what often comes to mind for me… being an Asperger’s type misanthrope.  He’s a mover, a shaker, a salesman, a high achiever.  He is homely though too, certainly at this stage in his life.  Not a handsome devil.  The problem then might lie at the intersection of his assertiveness / achievingness / high status and his middle age homeliness.  He’s not getting taken seriously by women that he circulates with and would desire to date, so he goes and gets more extreme, believing the assertiveness will sell him…  Cuz that’s his world, that probably works to a degree for the handsome devils in the athletic dept.

Jots w/ dots 8/11

Trumped:  In life I’ve had to contemplate ‘smart’ in myself and others.  And when you’re smart, you kinda desire a heightened level of insight and discourse as you assort.  You end up assorting with people of similar depth.  And not to say that the rest of the sheeple that make up this country are less than…  but just sayin, if you know what I mean…  And my thing in particular, is I can’t talk football with the proles, its beneath me to be a football fan.  Though it’s not like I’m not really a prole myself.  But anyway, I look at people and would usually take for granted that a person of Trump’s status and career would have a mind of a certain level….ie, his life would be an indicator of some wisdom and insight, because to have that career and social network, that’s kinda urbane stuff.  But It’s obviously not the case.  I think we’re actually talking a person of less intellectual capability than Sarah Palin.  Which is to say, yes, a person of normal intelligence can go to Wharton and take in the lessons and come out and be a big wheel in East Coast real estate.

Related:  I guess  problem is, resentment voters don’t donate.  Here’s another thing:  there’s a liberal critique that says snake-oil salesman can make a good living in Conservativeland.  I would like to be skeptical of that, would like it to not be true… but it is.  And the big thing for the salesman is playing on the resentment angle, whatever resentment du jour.

President Rubio:  That was quick

I thought, it comes off as the work of a skilled but imperfect amateur script writer rather a pro.


2 thoughts on “Morewood Teague

  1. pm1956

    I absolutely agree with you–just because people have $$ or are “cultured” does not mean that they are smart or intelligent or wise.

    I do have a Trump story–sorta. At one point in my life I needed a high powered NYC lawyer (those days are over, thank dog), so I got one. This attorney has defended Trump on a couple of occasions, and told me a story about how he was having lunch with the Donald, and this table of attractive women nearby were making all sorts of eyes at Trump. So Trump leans over and whispers to this attorney “I’m going to sleep with the blonde one”, and, sure enough, gets her name and phone number before lunch is over, and called the attorney the next day to let him know that he had indeed scored. Teague is a Trump wannabe.

    I do think that Trump represents a huge resentment factor, which is also a large part of the Fox News demographic. Not only do a lot of them not donate, but a lot of them also do not vote–at least not consistently/reliably. They figure the game is rigged against them, so why bother.


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