In which I remind myself he’s not going to be the nominee

Actually, I think Donald Trump as the GOP would defeat Hillary Clinton.  Not that it’s going to happen, cuz he won’t be the nominee.   But the Republican base’s somewhat more acute susceptibility to bullshit notwithstanding, I would think that an uncouth narcissist dope that can get nominated by one of the  major parties can probably be elected by the entire country as well.  We had a variant of this in Minnesota which demonstrated the required “voter” contrariness that can be cultivated for such a result.  Yeah, “voter” with irony quotes.

Anyway, there’s something logically dissonant here…I said the rubes that admire Trump don’t make political donations, and yet the snake oil gambit here is to do some fundraising.  Well, I’m not an organization man, that’s a bit of insight I lack…. but my guess is that the fundraising opportunity for a non-institutional candidate like Trump is meaningfully profitable, but less than what’s required for an institutional candidate whose campaign expenses accrue bigger as a function of battling to win primaries.

And if you’re seeing the Trump train roll on seemingly gathering steam, remember, these things run on money.  Trump’s campaign won’t ever get funded to win.  Corporations aren’t going to donate.  PACs aren’t going to donate.  People aren’t going to donate (in meaningful amounts).

Such that Trump is rich… well, his REITS are constructed to deliver him a $50M salary each year…. That’s not enough, and he won’t go liquid for this.  Cuz he’s smart, remember.

So the Trump thing will end, I guess, somewhat before the Iowa caucus.  But the problem is having to endure it now, which is to say the problem is the process has been hijacked by something / someone unserious.

I’m very disappointed in Republicanism, truly.   But I shouldn’t forget, I guess, that it’s not much different or worse on the other side.  Bill Clinton made a promise to HRC in 1998 that she could run for President if she didn’t divorce him, and that party is bending over to accommodate this for a second time….


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