Debate club

We don’t have cable, we streamed it for a time

I’m not worried.  A) I don’t think there are any Trump supporters B) I think the whole Trump phenomena is completely diminished by the time comes for him to run as a 3rd party candidate C)  What $ does it take to operate a campaign of superficial credibility?… let’s say you can actually do it on $100M.  He’s got no donors.  Ya say, yeah, he’s rich, he’ll self finance.  Meh.  Such that these guys have REITs that throw off a dividend to a trust that makes a payment to a personal bank account…Ya know, kinda big money and all.   But you rearrange principle assets to make liquid $100M in cash, and when push comes to shove I don’t think he actually does it to run a (losing) campaign.

I agree with the intuitive / counterintuitive observation:


2 thoughts on “Debate club

  1. pm1956

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Trump in the polls over the next few weeks. Clearly Fox and other GOP powers that be are trying to take him down. Question is how his “followers” will react. They seem to like him because he is anti-establishment. Question is do they see Obama as the Establishment, and could Trump get them to see the GOP powers that be as the Establishment? The latter possibility is the danger for the GOP, and the danger that Trump presents as either a Third Party or just people who won’t go to the polls to vote GOP.


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