In the ghetto

This is a big deal yesterday  Lotta comment thread chortling going on.  And not like I don’t have that urge, but it’s cheap stuff

Couple other things

Ya know, this is the world CC gives us…. A world where the remaining street muggers are suburban, unworldly, and way over their head.  I’m unreservedly pro- CC, and the kid was justifiably shot.  But such that robberies the carry permits solve for are dystopic and Dickens-ian, I am struck by some lament. The robber was kinda pathetic.

Mugger has a pistol out, and you wonder what the chances are a victim can pull his own and shoot the mugger.  The intuitive answer is supposed to be, not very good.  But ya know, the cc permit holder is commonly very acclimated to his decent quality pistol by virtue of training and muscle memory from this piece requiring constant consideration as you venture around with it.  The mugger… no, not commonly acclimated to their crappy street pistol that they get after it passes through various hands in the immediate ‘gang’.

Read the stories, and you get the impression the cops aren’t going to make a prosecutorial referral.  Which is fine and correct, but on the blog here we comment generally on a trend for lack of LEO professionalism.  You can see that here, they are chortling and cheerleading.  It’s unbecoming.

Such that the police have power to make a criminal referral or not on the permit holder for the shooting, that’s what castle doctrine would solve for.  If the shooting has certain attributes, it’d be unlawful to make a criminal charge.

Most of the time when your actions are subject of a police report, your good advise is to just NOT engage their questioning.  5th amendment and all that, let the defense lawyer and prosecutor do their dance.  CC shootings are different.  If you’ve used your gun to defend yourself, silence starts you on the process in jail on a 72 hour booking.  To avoid that you have to make your case to the responding officers and detectives.  Which is one of the reasons CC is so very big on judgment, and the permit holder being correct in ever using their weapon in the first place

Being peeved about how the papers report on this is something the cheap chortlers do, but that doesn’t mean it’s not screwy.  The reporting is PC and has the sentimentality of Elvis Presley’s ‘The Ghetto’.

Note sentence 1 in the Strib’s story says or said that this robbery was ‘botched’.  No it was not, it was not a ‘botched’ robbery.  ‘Botched’ is a gun going off when it shouldn’t have, hurting someone who didn’t need to be, and the robbers escaping with no loot.  This ain’t that.  To say it was ‘botched’ is a stylebook choice that deemphasizes the effectiveness of the permit holder in repulsing the attack, which is an attempt to make a political statement about concealed carry.

Then you get this common narrative construction that says the dead, young criminal was actually an angel, or trying to turn his life around, or in with the wrong crowd…

Now, some of this is a function of who will grant you an interview when something like this happens and what they say.  They say it, you as reporter make it part of your story and print it.

But its baloney.  And such that there’s a vocational journalism discussion out there about various kinds of baloney reporters get obligated to put in the paper….. this is baloney, the lamentable young angel with a dirty face.

The kid verifiably matriculated to criminality, he’s a criminal.  Not someone who fell into the ‘wrong crowd’.  He was the ‘wrong crowd’.  You’re not obligated to play to the family’s delusion there, newspaper.  You’re not obligated to play to some PC trope about young street kids, newspaper.  It comes off as fraudulent when the newspaper does this.

Jots w/ dots 8/5

Moron anthropomorphizing:  Where we are:  with a din like this, it gets hard to assure yourself your fantastical points are superior to the rest of the internets.  So it occurred to me on Friday, and yet I didn’t bother to write it out as I will do now…. I don’t see a meaningful difference between posing with the lion you shot and posing with your nice walleye, cept that the latter is way more socially acceptable because they are not furry.  Further, this lake is fished out cuz people crave the triumphal photo where you hold up your walleye.

In my summer of beer drinking, I come to find I like lagers:  And Newcastle, which is an ale.  I guess.

Geez:  I know how to do websites….  I would figure its 7 figure deal, and Kupchella has partners to split it with.

You get some sense drones might be a promising business

I hear this guy interviewed on MPR a couple weeks ago:  They talk about all the problems this guy has encountered, and whether he’s a Marxist.  That’s not quite it.  To me the underlying naiveté or indiscipline is to think you can run a business and not conform to the market pricing mechanism for cost of labor.  It never works / cant work, not with W2 wage earners.


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