Jots w/ dots 7/31

Democrats not running from the S word:  I chortle, and I appreciate the conflation…. But good grief, she must be obtuse.  There are degrees, and these could have been unpacked simply for the sake of HRC / the party.  Thing is, “Democrats” are supposed to believe in socializing costs in pursuit of social goals…. A guy like Sanders thinks pursuit of these goals requires the dictate of practice and production.

A contrast for its lack of outrage:  Not that I disagree.  Now, pursuit of him is dropped ostensibly because he’s medically unfit for trial at his advanced age.  But the more material thing to be observed is the guy was foremost a Ukrainian anti-Stalinist.  Uh, can you fault him for that?  But by virtue of the enemy of my enemy is my friend thing it aligned him with the Germans at a time when a Ukrainian partisan could run wild a bit.  And yeah, he had a record of co-mingling with the German war machine in eastern Europe during those years, this which included village sweeps;  ie, burning them to the ground.  Not nice, but I think there’s a truthful case to be made that one can be party to that as a 20 something soldier in a continental land war, and not be a war criminal in the way the rest of those SS perverts were.  And that, maybe it isn’t the type of guy you prosecute for being on a losing side 70 years removed.

I’m not astonished.  She’s not going to be President.

There’s a premise here that’s rejectable  Thing is Sen. Amy isn’t effective.  Popular, yes….  but that speaks to something else.


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