Just a little more reading between the lions

Ever so vaguely, I can empathize with an idea this is kind of a classist atrocity of the commons if you get my drift…. IE, there is something of a public ownership for these exquisite wild animals, and the public is thus to be rightfully pissed off that the wealthy man can come kill one and hang it on his wall for the price of a $55k tag.  Beutler / TNR alludes to this.  www.newrepublic.com/article/122410/cecil-lion-has-nothing-do-your-politics.   But that’s a somewhat far-fetched utopian ruleset you impose to justify this actual outrage, and the anthropomorphizing required to make the ruleset kinda sensible…. It’s just all way in excess of mature, practical logic and political science.  So, the lion / Planned Parenthood comparison is obvious for conservatives right.  I’ll maybe grant, people who want to explain away Planned Parenthood’s dealings based on an antiseptic, unemotional need for medical tissue can do that, and they may very well have their point so far is this is all legal and might exist discretely within mature, practical logic and political science… but the incongruity exists and is notable with the anthropomorphizing and emotionalizing that crowd will do for animals and resist doing for humans.

A couple days ago I was mindful that the dentist’s lion, if anything, would be instructive for whatever PR response there was that proved effective or not with this man’s livelihood in the jaws of internet outrage.   And I lamented… if only there were a blog where local PR professionals weighed in with their observations….  Anyway, Austin of SRC had this one briefly, but says it was limited in task.  http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/news/2015/07/29/walter-palmer-cecil-lion-crisis-pr-jon-austin.html He’s getting yelp hammered now too, a little.  Who’s to know if he’s cowed and backed off, or if his day’s work there is merely what the dentist wanted and could pay for… but you get a sense of timidity from the PR people in the article.  That’s their job eh, what’s the deal with that?  Makes you respect bulldog prick lawyers who’ll take a shitty case.  Which might be to say, maybe this one is a job for a lawyer and not a PR person.  Still I wonder if the local PR set begging off doesn’t speak to something, that about the local PR scene being captive as well as timid.  In my obnoxious trolling days at SRC I had once obnoxiously observed in a comment thread that the blog’s rigid in-crowd perspective was cuz it was a mere social circle of similar gold collar PR professionals who prospered on teats of the ambiguous but far reaching local DFL patronage blob…  In those days I was consistently too caustic, and that’s an example…. But I am aghast this man might have difficulty employing a local PR pro because most said pros’ exist within ambiguous confines of the local Democrat political network, and they won’t do work outside its ideological borders lest it jeopardize the unbroken chain of paid retainer invoices…  If that’s what’s happening…. and it might not be, I’ll grant that I might be a too smart dumb shit with absurd ideas of what goes on in Minneapolis.

This Yelp is a piece of work:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/yelp-pulls-reviews-of-lion-killing-dentist-2015-07-29   I have a fairly serious line of trade with the side business, and I figure what you do to gain superficial credibility is register with the Manta’s or Dunn’s of the world and these other business directories.  Have not done that, have continued on as a more anonymous independent practitioner, just cuz… haven’t gotten around to it and its not obvious with my business that it enables me to go to whatever ‘next level’ there is for it what with it being artisan stuff. Anyway, you do that, you get in these directories; you end up on Yelp… I’m not doing that, ever.

Update:  I may very well be too smart a dumb shit, but this is curious for whatever reason to others as well. This appears at 10:56am, after my morning post.  http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2015/07/pr-pros-want-nothing-to-do-with-lion-killer/


One thought on “Just a little more reading between the lions

  1. pm1956

    Well, part of what we are seeing here is the nutso animal rights groups who are having a great time. Apparently, this is better than releasing minks or lab animals. It is always good to stay out of their sights/sites. Not only are they not rational, but they also have a tendency towards violence, and can be considered (some of them, at least) domestic terrorists.

    Never kill an animal that has a first name.


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