Local dentist named Hitler of the Week

That was an awesome turn of phrase to encapsulate the outrage phenomena:  http://www.twincities.com/sports/ci_28551298/john-shipley-herds-weapon-fight-against-lion-killing

…People think the dentist broke some laws.  It’s not at all that suggestive that he did if you dig to get past the wild exaggeration of facts.

  • The dentist had a license. This is the best article so far as I know  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/zimbabwe/11767119/Cecil-the-lions-killer-revealed-as-American-dentist.html  So ‘poaching’ would be a misused term.
  • The baiting to get this lion off the preserve was legal so far as I read and so far as I would understand as a hunter. It is skeezy though.
  • There’s talk the farm where this lion was shot didn’t have an ‘allotment’. Dunno, we as readers have no further insight there.  Its feels like the explanation of a bureaucracy that’s flailing about in response to public opinion.
  • There’s talk the dentist tried to bribe some officials at some point. It’s not attributed and I think there’s much cause to be dubious.  See prior point on ‘flailing’.
  • The night hunting was legal
  • The shot with the compound bow was legal
  • The field butchering was legal
  • That they didn’t get an immediate clean kill and spent 40 hours tracking… not optimal, but that’s a pretty mundane detail, at least mundane to hunting.
  • The removal of the collar by the guides… maybe not legal, but it might be a triviality if the shoot was legal.

So with nothing or not much illegal, what’s the outrage?  Well, it’s the anthropomorphizing of animals.  And this over the top outrage here generally comes from a mentally infantile brigade within the left’s culture war army.  I’m saying that for sake of the truth, not just because I can say it.  I note the reactionary tendencies of the gun people for the same reason, as I did yesterday.  While I myself am an intransigent 2nd amendment guy I’m tired of looking at their memes on FB too, they’ve cowed their opponents somewhat the same way…  Just trying to demonstrate a discernment that sees the truth here.

There’s a very disturbing Planned Parenthood story out there, and the lion people don’t have the mental capacity to anthropomorphize the victims there and grant them the dignity they’d see the lion get.  I find that incongruous…

The penis diss is the lion peoples’ go-to rhetorical argument.   http://www.minnpost.com/glean/2015/07/eden-prairie-dentist-who-admits-killing-lion-torrent-anger What do I got, years of online commentary stored up in local blogs by now?   I have previously written my disdain for this trope that the hunters or gun people compensate for their penises.    It’s insipid, its bad Freud or bad Carlin, it ain’t brainy insight to be offered within serious conversation.  And if I’m to be noted as a little too umbraged there, it’s because it’s an attempt to emasculate your rhetorical opponent rather than respond to argument.  Personally, I do get a red ass if I’m picked out as a target for that.  And by the way, when you’re kind of a normal man or even just a hair oddball and you deal with men in life you get sized up this way by very testosteroned dudes as well as wise ass social justice warrior types as well as guys who you thought you were kinda socially equal to.  I don’t like that about ‘patriarchal’ society eh, prolly a function of my misanthropy.  But like I said or would say about the gun / penis thing as a social observation, its shitty psychology.  So there’s proper umbrage in having to engage it seriously, and a proper objection that motivations / pursuits / beliefs are to be casually deduced as a reaction to self-perceived lack for masculinity.

So is there any good Freud?  Can this thing be discussed in Freudian terms?

Ya know, maybe.  You see a guy there that’s obviously one of the better bow hunters in the world.  It’s a muscular, semi-violent set of skills, and killing animals is a dirty task you put yourself through.  You do it, your self-esteem is burnished and you think maybe you have some physical muscular control in a world that can randomly squash you.  Thing is a lot of lefty athletes challenge themselves the same way, what with the extreme running or biking, the physical pain and pissing on yourself while doing 26 or 200 miles.  It’s different than hunting, but it’s the same.  Such that’s it different, it’s just different strokes for different folks.


2 thoughts on “Local dentist named Hitler of the Week

  1. pm1956

    One thing I’d add–Zimbabwe is totally corrupt, from the very top all the way down. All of the judges are toadies of Mugabe and ZANU-PF (the single party). Nothing there gets done without bribes, at all levels. Mugabe would much rather have the focus be on an American hunter than the bribes he and his get from the rhino poachers (that is where the real $$$ is).

    As for Freud: no real validity to anything Freudian anymore. But competition between males is a thing, and the analogy with penis envy while not psychologically valid does get the point across. It is a valid trope, but not a valid diagnosis. This hunter was certainly competing with other hunters. “My lion is bigger than your lion” is a thing. Are they “compensating” for a lack somewhere else? Maybe. I suppose most things that rise to the level of an obsession are due to a lack of something else, but that statement itself is almost trite.


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