Lion killing dentist speaks

I think it’s absolutely credible that the dentist was led around none the wiser by these skeezy guides who made big promises for a big mount in return for big money.  Guides knew of a big lion on a preserve to make for an easy hunt / easy pay day, they took him there.  I alluded to that dynamic in prior post.  How much is this dentist to actually know about Zimbabwe lions?  These foreign hunters are reliant on their guides to tell them whats possible and legal.

Strib and others keep saying dentist was hunting with a crossbow.  I don’t think this is the case, they are in error, and this is kind of an important material fact such that crossbowing is disdained and / or illegal.  The guy is an archer, he was hunting with a ‘compound’ bow, not a ‘crossbow’.  Compound bow is typical, modern archery, and still very difficult where rifle or crossbow hunting would be somewhat or a lot easier.  Good bowhunters are kinda baddass in their way, its such a challenge.


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