Cecil the Lion

This local dentist is in for a world of discomfit.





Proper outrage

There is it would appear this thing where the more money the hunter has / is paying and the more he’s serious as a trophy hunter, the more attractive it makes it for these skeezy guides to want to direct the hunter to shoot a big semi-domesticated animal off a preserve.  That’s a problem.

You can go too far in asserting this dentist has a character flaw.  But the spending on this seems profligate: engorged id that prudence can’t restrain, etc.

Dubious outrage

My rational mind can’t get outraged about the methodology.  The bow hunting is fine, its sporting and not malevolent.

In theory the auctioning of these trophy tags is fine, it’s ethical.

The skinning of the game is fine.  We’re probably talking the mundane business of butchering to make it carry-able out of the wild there.

I wouldn’t hunt lions, but ya know, hunting is not unethical or immoral or wrong in itself no matter the superficial grace or cuteness of the hunted.  Bit of anthropomorphize-ing going on.  The loss of this lion is no worse than any other.

The Studs Terkel in me:  You get the feeling dentists with their own dental practice is like a million dollar job. jeez…


2 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion

  1. pm1956

    I am not opposed to hunting in any way. Not something I personally do, but hey, i like to eat meat, and i do know where it comes from.

    I agree with all your points. The only thing I’d add is that discretion is important to living a good life. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it. Sometimes people with too much money lose sight of that fact. Indeed, I think that there is a distinct correlation between discretion and money–the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. Fame (and the desire for fame) plays a role in this as well, of course. Lots of people who are really good at what they do want to be known for that (fame). Being really good at what you do frequently leads to having lots of $$. Also, to be really good at something frequently requires that you specialize in that thing (which often means that you do not have the time to become competent at other skills). that means that you are sort of out of balance–and often not good at things like predicting how other people might view your particular obsessions (or even recognizing that they are obsessions). That is roughly the process that I think people like this go thru when they get into trouble (as I think this guy just did).

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      Right on, I’m kinda all about discretion and harmony seeking.

      Baiting it out of its preserve I guess suggests some nastiness to which the dentist was complicit more than I credited.
      But thing is killing animals is a bit of a dirty affair on almost any level. I find it hard it hard to parse and judge this against killing livestock chickens or cows. I mean yeah, it can be parsed, but what’s the point, the difference isn’t great enough.

      The MPR Newscut thread is melting down over there with traffic it otherwise never achieves , which is an instructive to I think a prevailing unworldliness for lack of a better word…


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