An opinion not worth a Schilling

This is crap.

  1. Generally, we don’t equate pro ballplayers womanizing with ‘low’ character. Cuz if we did, we wouldn’t find that 10% of pro ballplayers had ‘good’ character.
  2. Puckett got prosecuted for sexual assault for a bit of obnoxiousness at the Redstone in Eden Prairie in 1997 or so. It was probably an overcharge, and he was acquitted.  So you discount that, and what we know about Kirby Puckett is quite a bit the same to what we know about a guy like Paul Molitor so far as it’s true we know they had / sought girlfriends while married.  And actually, we know Molitor had a coke habit for a time as a young man.  The same can’t be said about Puckett.  But we’re to understand Molitor as one of these high character people, which I have no doubt is true, generally.  So, same for Puckett, don’t make a rip on him.
  3. The object of Schilling’s affection there John Smoltz got divorced when he was playing and he remarried shortly. Such that he had a broken marriage while playing, I think it’s a very safe bet he had girlfriends…

Ya know, this is some garish trope / double standard we got going on here coming out of Schilling’s mouth that I would guess is based a bit on race but also on who Schilling perceives as more godly and overtly Christian.  Whatevs.  Schilling has always been a self-righteous blowhard, but you would a figured he’d been humbled by going bankrupt and having cancer in between the ages 40 and 50.  IE, there but for grace go I…

Jots w/ dots 7/28

Related:  I believe in God, but I prefer my commerce secular.   This strikes me as awkward in this day and age.  Somewhat like Caucasian Heritage Night, someone’s minor league team did that.

No, he cant.

No, he can’t.  Rush is off his rocker on this.

Coates is apparently one of these guys who thinks there’s virtue living in Pol Pot utilitarian impoverishment  as opposed to the alternative.  I dont agree.

The truth is…nuanced.  This is a big snicker the last few days… As I said before, I think GC is something the President avoided until Sandy Hook/Newtown.    Which is kinda duplicitous, cuz by his other politics you could understand that he would be very anti-gun, no matter how he tried to temper an acknowledgement of that for electoral reasons.   And the gun people did properly understood it as duplicitous, they were not cowed.  So they bought all these guns all these years even though nothing was happening… cuz they are a bit reactionary….Anyway, other thing is the CC trend made small handguns the preferred form factor, and cheap, excellent machining has become kinda democratized.  You can get a very good small pistol for $300 from numerous makers.  So I’d say low price aligned with these other influences to create the boom.


One thought on “An opinion not worth a Schilling

  1. pm1956

    I think that Curt Schilling is, generally, an ass. I have enjoyed his color commentary on ESPN–I think that he is very good at explaining the mechanics of pitches and the psychology of the mound. But I generally hate so called “christians” who wear their “superiority” on their sleeves.

    I do agree with you that Kirby was within the generally accepted norms of baseball players (and pro athletes, generally). It is a privileged and pampered norm, despite the prevalence of “christianity” among players. And, no, they generally are not very “christian” in their actual, as opposed to professed, behavior. And that goes for Shilling as well (lots of stuff in the bible about pride, as well as about infidelity).

    All of that said, so i don’t think i need to comment on the jesus day at the Twinkies.

    I think that the reason gun sales have risen during Obama’s tenure as President is fear generated by the NRA. As for your point about Obama, Presidents do get to pick their priorities. A smart president like Obama knows that there are distinct limits to what they can do, and that they have to pick and choose. Frankly, I am not certain that he would have been able to do anything on Gun Control even if he had made that his #1 priority. When you choose priorities, you have to engage in economic thinking–what can i get for my limited political capital, and how do i spend it wisely. I think that Obama has made wise choices, and i am not certain that gun control would have been a wise choice. What he is doing now is trying to make it easier for some future President to make progress in that area. Something that I think will happen eventually.


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