The deuce 7/24

Success sequence…. Actually, I think Coates’ truth and the Success Sequence thing are both truths.  Having been a recalcitrant conservative, what Coates persuades me of is that American blacks are to this day systematically ghettoized.  He’d say maybe holistically, I’d say by smaller holdout vestiges…the justice system, the govt broadly, and commerce, in that order of effect.  But….  I do think disadvantaged people have a way out that is essentially the Success Sequence.  IE, get a shitty job at age 18 or 22 and work it 40 hours a week, update your resume with what you do, and start shopping yourself for a better job. The habit of working 8-5 is one that’s rewarded, it’s a big world of commerce out there that needs workers.  Are we to expect people to grasp that with the efficacy they need given the aforementioned ghettoization?  I dunno, not sure what the proper expectation is.  You do have to embrace certain norms to navigate the the job / career thing, this is something that won’t change.  I would actually say you can look like a gangsta provided you are of good cheer and diligence.  That’s kinda new, a shift.

Whats a recalcitrant conservative to object to here?  Dunno.  The rates, I guess.  I believe in preferential treatment for capital.  There’s a bit too much of the economy devoted to short term arbitrage though.  This addresses that, also functionally gets rid of carried interest / hedge fund loophole…

Look, it was a noble lie

Stymied?   What is it you think you wanted that you didn’t try to get that you could have?  From his life before the WH, the President doesn’t seem to have had elaborate thoughts on GC that weren’t boilerplate.  IE, he was vaguely in support of whatever the party’s subject matter activists wanted.  But he consciously avoided provoking the gun bloc up through his second election, and which included not pursuing a gun law when they could have passed one with Democrat majorities between Jan 2009 and Jan 2011.  This is worthless as sentiment, a hindsight humble brag of regret of sorts.

I still don’t think this survives  What’s Hillary’s position going to be?

I agree with this (intuitive or counterintuitive) notion  It’s worked for me.


3 thoughts on “The deuce 7/24

  1. pm1956

    The vox piece points out that the “success sequence” has a bunch of problems, especially “the illusion of control”. People really are not in control of a lot of that, especially things like recessions and unemployment. People also are not in control of the birth lottery–are they born rich, poor, where they are born (concentrated unemployment) and when they are born.

    I’m not saying that the “success sequence” isn’t good advice–but it isn’t always possible. It isn’t always a choice.

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      Well yeah… certainly. And there is cause to wonder about the illusion of control, and determinism…I do. But ya know, what contradicts is the truth that sustained effort reaps some reward almost always, and there’s never a spot that you can’t better yourself from with sustained effort.

      1. pm1956

        And there is no amount of effort that can’t be undone by random chance (such as a well timed recession, a health crisis, an accident, a war, death, an asteroid hitting the earth, etc.).

        sorry, got carried away there at the end…

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