Jots w/ dots 7/24

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I started noticing Coates for his formidable perspective maybe 3-4 years ago. And ya know, yeah, I’m smart (enough…), but mine is not a head that has read and retained much of the great works.  So it’s not as if I could recognize that he might have compared favorably to the old masters.  Baldwin I guess is the one that jumps out at people.  I merely noticed powerful argumentation there, something unique.  It’s a dispiriting thing, to have said Coates is the kind of thing shallow people think is deep, dumb people think is smart…  Those lawyers at Powerline, they do have a conservative lawyer A-hole thing going on.   Rich Lowry in Politico has a piece out that makes the same point.  Its better.

I like to grill, and such that it’s a recent thing, it is a realization. I don’t have this conflict.  Ya know, there’s a lot of dudes that over think things amirite.

I agree with this counterintuitive observation  Rush says the air conditioning thing, such that a couple writers in the last week have tried to shame Americans for using it, is a tell that the Pol Pot greenies would come after AC next.  I can see that. We need VOX to weigh in to know for sure.

I’m just not sure the country is ready to elect a sexless nag as President:  Does she read the news?  Being suspicious of black kids in hoodies is a white privilege / bigotry thing.  And look… I’m not all peace and love myself.  I navigate the breadth of downtown on foot, and I size people up by stereotype.  Had to squeak by 5 kids my size on the sidewalk yesterday, I did not do something evasive like cross the street, cuz they weren’t even subtly shifty.  But anyway, the hoody thing seems such a retrograde sentiment in the age of BLM.  And I’m thus surprised she said it, as the thought is the Democrats are going to be more dependent on their base than independents to whom those thoughts might ring.

I’d say it’s more cortisol and less testosterone.  IE, aging.  Men without kids can probably more easily delay age’s superficial effects.  But, doesn’t mean they’ll live longer, statistics seem to show the opposite….  I was a slim man, weigh 205 now, have a belly, would look real good at 170 but I dunno how to get there…  I’m not really overeating now.  I am walking a bit more than 10 miles a week fer sure, and weight hasn’t budged.


One thought on “Jots w/ dots 7/24

  1. pm1956

    Coates: Haven’t read his book, but have read lots of his on line stuff. Certainly the powerline criticisms (of his writing style) don’t hold up there. And it seems a bit odd that they spend so much ink on the style of his writing as opposed to the substance of his writing.

    I did read this:

    and thought it was very interesting. I do agree with an aspect of this critique, which is that conservatives really really want people to conform to a set of behavioral norms more than anything else in the world. This is why “personal responsibility” is the mantra that people like David Vitter will spout (despite the irony of his own personal behavior)….because he generally hews to the norms (in public) that conservatives say they like. Conservatives want people to act and behave like Andy of Mayberry. Being gay does not conform (although definitions do change over time–eventually i predict that this issue will die out as people die out) but being a closeted gay is OK (because you are conforming in public). Not conforming in public is one of the worst things you can do (hoodies and saggy pants are bad, but this will also probably change over time–fashion is all about taking what was once “wrong” and making it “right”). Even “gangsta” is slowly going mainstream.

    I would be willing to guess that a bunch of those powerline guys don’t like Coates’ first name, either……not that they will ever say that, publicly (that wouldn’t be polite).


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