Bland deference to authoriteh

These Bland / Ofc. Encinia type confrontations, we can just start calling these things ‘BLM’s for short.  ‘BLM’  encapsulates all it is that these things are.  But my nuancy view would be that most of these ‘BLMs’ aren’t an externality of malevolent racism.  Institutional, ambiguous racism, yes.  But there’s a problem that supersedes that which is more often the driver of these confrontations, and that problem is the police in this country are consistently not very professional in their workings.

This BLM doesn’t actually go down the malevolence cascade because of racism.

Bland’s in car observation, that Encinia approached from behind at an assertive speed and that she was merely reacting to move out of his way… that’s what the dash cam shows.  It’s true.  Encinia was on traffic trap duty.  This might be the most mundane of what the police do, but its part revenue raising and part broken windows policing.  To engage the broad benign public this way, it’s ethically hokey.

Bland is a smart woman, with something of an academic and political mind, and she knows exactly how hokey this is.  That’s what she’s incensed about.  Now, there’s some easy greater wisdoms to grasp here that would have benefited Bland.  Keep your indignation to yourself and revisit it later when the moment is over. ..don’t be the combative black woman….   But the indignation is justified and she couldn’t restrain herself for whatever reason.

And Encinia provoked her.  He comes back to the window, sees that she’s stewing, and basically asks that she validate his authority to pull her over and not be mad about it when he should have just handed over the warning citation and left.  That cigarette business was nothing but provocative rank pulling and agitation.

This business of these guys bullying people around with fraudulent lawful orders is a pervasive character flaw in contemporary policing.  Its three things.  1, these guys drawn to this have personality defects.  2, they’re poorly trained.  3, they’re commonly stupid, not smart enough to perform the jobs they have.

Anyway, with then the casual police brutality and the tarted up police report this BLM ends up covering the bases, cept for maybe the end.  Actually you get some sense Bland’s jailhouse death is a suicidal act of martyrdom.

But, it’s substantially a police problem and not ‘racism’ per se though there’s some of that too.

Jots w/ dots 7/22

My bailiwick –  This might be the only example where the street showdown actually occurred in American western history.  They say Hickok shot from 75 yards / 225 feet.  The Colt ’51 Navy wasn’t antiquated then, but it was never NOT primitive if you get my drift.  To hit anything with it at that distance … with one shot… required savant like ability to execute, pun not intended but I’ll relish in it now as I finish writing this sentence.

97% consensus – I bet this doesn’t happen, no 10 ft sea level rise over 50 years.  But it’s not like we can do anything about it anyway.  Win Win!

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