There goes my hero

Like I say, is there any expectation Donald Trump actually competes in a primary?  No, there’s not / ought not be.  So whatever polls he’s leading are bull-loney, ya know, rejectable because the premise is bull.  Now he’s done.  Hopefully.

On the linguistic matter here with ‘hero’…  There’s some features of my political and literary makeup that keep me a little more restrained in throwing the word ‘hero’ around in the vernacular of ‘supporting our troops’ like society does so much.  It’s too easy in some ways, maybe not nuanced enough (for me and my pedantic brain)….

But McCain is a war hero, alrighty?  It’s obvious, beyond obvious.  It’s a truth.  Now, that can be denied, because anything can be denied.  But to do so, to reject that and say he ‘sat out the war’ by being shot out of his jet and being nearly killed in his parachute landing and spending 6 years in prison… That’s an excessively contrarian and counterintuitive bit of logic that speaks to the believer’s residence in the fever swamps of partisan nuttery.

Worth mentioning:  with this, the fever swamp in question was Al Franken and Salon / Air America.  I imagine this was taken for a kind of counterintuitive brilliance at the time.

Other thing:  I alluded to some bemusement before that we’re still talking about what candidates did during Vietnam.  Trump, like many, had college deferments.  I’m getting more outraged in hindsight what a BS, classist deal the ‘college deferment’ was.

Other other thing.  John McCain’s mom is still alive.  She’s 103.  That’s cool.

Other Other Other thing.  We’ve never had good terrestrial radio reception here in the valley, so streaming has been a nice thing in recent years.   So, I stream KTLK in Sunday, did all day yesterday.  Rush re-runs from during the week.  He’s jumped the shark / gone senile if he thinks badmouthing Trump now creates a potential for discord that can’t be rectified if he wins the nomination.  Hey Rush:  HES NOT GOING TO BE THE NOMINEE.  I heard the same thing Friedersdorf heard, and the dipshittery is almost too much to bear.

Jots with dots 7/20

GC:  I’d be opposed.  You just can’t say we’re going to start doing that… if rights are to be abridged, that has to be adjudicated and the process needs to be codified.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:


3 thoughts on “There goes my hero

  1. pm1956

    I think that this is true. Trump is appealing to a bunch of people who think that McCain is a RINO, not a war hero.

    And, i have to admit, I am not sure that McCain is a war hero. Granted, his time as a POW was certainly not a cakewalk by any means, but then there was nothing voluntary about it, was there? And he didn’t do anything before he was shot down that was at all out of the ordinary? (i know he lost a couple of planes, but they were not shot out from under him).

    Does having terrible things done to you and surviving make you a war hero? Cause that’s what happened to McCain, right?

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      He was son of a prominent admiral who had a Pacific theater command at that time, and turned down an offer to be released early lest it allow the N Vietnamese to ingratiate themselves / distort the peace process in some awkward way. I think he earns his hero-ism there, exhibited unique sacrifice. He was on the Forrestal when it burned. Basically what can be said is he was a man judgment and grace under pressure when in harms way during some awful times. What’s fair to observe for sake of that nuance pursuit that I was talking about is a lot of people have done that and they have gone through history anonymous, with no recognition for their heroism. And I think that allows for not all soldiers being heros too…. As I say, it’s nuancy…. But I think McCain surpassed that bar in abundance.

      I think Trump is appealing to people who may not actually be voters…low info people. So to say the opinions of these people means Trump ‘leads’ the polls…. That’s problematic.

      1. pm1956

        I do agree with you about Trump. Thing is, there are a whole lot of GOP “candidates” who are not a lot more serious than Trump is. Trump is just more honest about his BS. (and yes, Sarah Palin was in that same category).

        I really do think that running as a GOP candidate itself is fairly renumerative what with the funky campaign finance rules, etc. Michelle Bachmann is still raising $$! This has become a racket that is making people like Trump and Rove and Palin and Bachmann rich!!! And, of course, the biggest fish of them all–Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

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