Jots w/ dots 7/17

I have my doubts this is true:  but ya know, noble lie.  When I read this, my first thought was also, well didn’t seem to stop Sally Ride and she could not have been that much younger.

President Rubio:

President Rubio:

No one, its vapor.  Ask yourself, is he really going to compete in a primary?  This is appropriate

This type of guy seems much more prevalent than the Dylan Roof type, even though ya figure white crackers outnumber radicalized Arabs in this country by quite a few multiples.  just saying

If Occam’s razor is your guide, I just don’t think suicide is the truth.

Bloom County.  This is something a lot of people my age discovered early on, in 1981 or so.  I outgrew it kinda quick, even as a liberal young thing at the time.  It got too silly, the joke payoffs too silly, too ‘faux’ ironic if not coming down with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.  Then… about ten years ago I was working in a hardware lab, where some of the anthologies were lying around.  I reread them, they were funny.  The Lilek’s comment the other day was, BC reappears here in 2015, and it looks spookily exactly the same as it always did… Bonus thought…is there anyone who gets richer than a cartoonist who hits it big?


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