Jots w/ dots 7/16

As I said when Trump was the one asking it, I thought it was a good question.  Garrett was a bit melodramatic in tone… making himself the star of that moment… but still, it’s a legitimate question and the President would have done better by being prepared with an answer.  Which was achievable, ya figure, he could have been prepared for an answer to this question.  But he wasn’t, and it rather embiggens the truth of this notion that he wanted a deal, any deal, and really wasn’t trying to win anything meaningful from the Iranians.

97% consensus:  It’s hopeless  Which is clarifying in its way.  There’s really no justification to do anything about it then.

Bernie Sanders is apparently not just a panderer in guns:

It’s just not clear the country is ready to elect a sexless nag as President

Similar:  WWP:  I paraphrase…its not enough that she doesn’t strap dogs to the roof of her car, not enough that she was promised the Presidency for not divorcing Bill Clinton


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