Jots w/ dots 7/15

Open the jails.  This is good, but  Its only 46 people.  I would think you’d be able to put more than one paralegal in the bowels of the DOJ on this, really.  I’m speaking sincerely from my schizoid lefty anarchist other half here, and the thing you get disappointed by is the unwillingness of Pres. Obama to do the work / have his people do the work to be the lefty social justice champions they think they are in an area, crime and punishment, where there’s a lot of ground to be taken very easily…  Ya know, it must be institutional capture, these people are used to making $150k, $200k as lawyers now and they won’t break DOJ norms to endanger that.

Ivory tickling –   The National Rifle Association has said it would trample gun owners’ rights to have guns with ivory handles.  It would make it hard.  I picked up two antique-y Colt-y pieces w/ ivory grips last few years.  Ivory grips wasn’t the motivating factor there, these sixguns had other desirable attributes, like, they were unique variants and I was going to be in the money re the market equity vs. my purchase price.  These things are obviously antiques and the grips have no origin papers, and I’m stuck with them if the 100 year rule is imposed.  Which ain’t the worse thing in the world, but its irrelevant to the problem being targeted.  Anyway, ya see the legislative machinations.  It looks like the collector community will be accommodated in some way, as it should, and it can be without disrupting the goal there.

Iran so far away – I’ve said it… one of my personal rules is don’t be apocalyptic.  I’m succeeding there.  I have a hard time seeing Iran as apocalyptic. One thing, we can still bomb whatever we want over there as necessity determines, right?  If they act like they are going to light off some missiles I imagine we’ll bomb them.  Other thing, it’s not like I agree with the administration and many of its judgments, but there’s something to be said for engagement.  The Iranians might very well be gleeful at their own insincerity now, but ya bring em into the web of world commerce and all of the sudden there are expectations to be met.   Its more than 50/50 that they chill out.  Which is apparently a likely ulterior motive for being against the deal.  This actually strikes as a good question

Kids names Atticus  I do actually know of one woman with a boy named Atticus.  So this is a thing.  I read TKM as a boy and I think I was moved, but not with permanence.  From that era…. Catcher in the Rye moves me, even more so these days.

Ya know, if it was any of this was a worthy endeavor these people wouldn’t have to lie and dissemble all the time.  Certainly an objection to taxpayer funding ought to be unimpeachable rather than dismissed as Godbothering nuttery.

Summer of Dozier – Guy is unconscious.  Ya might worry that this extreme level of play can be maintained…. I’m looking now, he was an 8th round pick, 252nd overall in 2009.  That deep in the draft, you are starting to get borderline fringy, you’re not surprised if they wash out and get released before making the majors.  Just another commentary on what a pleasant surprise he is.  Ya never know…I see Paul Goldschmidt was taken just ahead of him.


One thought on “Jots w/ dots 7/15

  1. pm1956

    Iran Deal: I think that this is a good thing. And I think the opposition to it is unhinged. I agree with you that the long game is to coax Iran back into being a responsible member of the community of countries. The similarity with the Cuba situation here is apropos.

    I also think that we need to recognize the limits of influence that the US really has. We can not impose meaningful sanctions unilaterally. There is nothing we can do in terms of sanctions without the support of China and Russia. Most of the critics of the Iran deal ignore this important point. If we do not do this deal (with Russia and China and the EU), then Russia and China will withdraw from the sanctions regime, and the sanctions will become meaningless and ineffective, and we will have gained nothing–no inspections, no monitoring, no constraints on Iran. And China and Russia would be free to help Iran do whatever it wants on the nuclear weapons front–and our only option would be war.

    I also agree with the article you cited–Saudi Arabia and Israel want us to go to war with Iran. They want to use the US to do their dirty work. And many of Obama’s critics are not only aware of this, but fully supportive (Cheney is notably in the forefront here).


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