Jots w/ dots 7/14

Coates has a big brain.  There are obviously higher compliments to pay him and his insight, but I am intrigued by this throwaway comment he alludes, that at his age… his 40’s… he’s acquired the skills to say what he wants to say.  Ya know, I’m a dilettante…. But I track with that, I just think there might be some broad wisdom that’s in your 40’s you have the experience to approach the sweet spot of your contemplative powers.  Maybe I’ll still be saying that 10 years from now though and it will be a similar pleasant surprise.

I’m not sure why if you are the plaintiff’s lawyer and the family, that you settle at $6M.  Not sure you couldn’t get a jury award on $100M.  Which would go a long way towards modifying police behavior.

Panned.   I’ll stick it out until the end, but….  Paradoxically, there’s enough there to keep you hooked while still being a horseshit script.  That ‘louche’ thing jumped out at me the other night, though I didn’t dwell on it.  I was like, what? What it is there is the screenwriter self-indulging himself.   I didn’t like the shootout, also a screenwriter self-indulgency there.

Solid in many ways.  Solid command, solid temperament,  I say, despite that I’m not a Democrat.  Thing is, I thinks it’s persuasively true that he was a creature of the hard, academic left in his 20’s and 30’s.  And so it’s somewhat surprising he outgrew that to embrace metropolitan, corporate liberalism.

Thurow – thanks for the link.  I do read them all.  Lester Thurow having this wisdom is counter-intuitive to me, cuz I guess in my brain I had obtusely indexed carded him as a communist.  I read his Wikipedia and recall the old industrial policy hawks, when that was a thing.  There’s still Thomas Friedman I guess.  Getting back to Sanders…ya know, an ostensibly smart man.  Learn-ed, credentialed.  Big brain there.  And yet for him, he’d obviate growth if that growth was reaped too much by the already prosperous.  With ‘too much’ being subjective anyway, and with a blindness to the absolute knowledge that growth = progress, growth lifts all boats, the big and the little.  I tell ya, I like to say there’s a Pol Pot wing out there, and that’s supposed to be sort of hyperbolic…. But Sanders, that’s Pol Pot thinking, that’s actual Marxist / socialism, and it isn’t a flattering thing that so many people agree with him.


One thought on “Jots w/ dots 7/14

  1. pm1956

    Presidential ratings. the article is good, because it is cautious, and notes that these things change over time. I do think that Bush II’s reputation will end up higher than it currently is (reversion to the mean), but I expect that he will be seen as a below average president, eventually. And I expect that Obama will be seen as above average.

    That said, the bar was a lot higher for Bush than it was for Obama, because when Obama took over the country was in pretty sad shape, while it was in pretty good shape when Bush took over. One had nowhere to go but up, while the other had nowhere to go but down, you could say. At the same time, that (the direction of a presidency) is what makes or breaks a presidential reputation. Over time, as we can look at the longer term trends more clearly, historians and others try to take into account the distinctions between circumstances that might have been inevitable (bad luck) versus circumstances that were the results of decisions and policies of an administration (bad decisions).

    the comparisons between Clinton and Obama are perhaps more interesting. Both had similar trajectories, but Obama had both more potential and more risk during his term than did Clinton. I’d rank Obama ahead of Clinton based not so much on the results as on the degree of difficulty. Clinton’s was a good presidency with good results, but not a lot of challenges.

    I think that Reagan’s presidency will be one of the hardest ones to rate because of the mythology that has been created around it.


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