Jots w/ dots 7/13

I dunno if there is a Wikipedia of idioms out there, but this video ought to be THE illustration for ‘hanging slider’.  Soria has been a good pitcher over the years and he has been known for his good slider.  This one is a horrendous one in all ways.  Lazy frisbee arc with no bite, ended up in the exact middle of the plate at 79 mph.  In the majors, you can hardly throw one worse.

This befuddles me:  Uber is popular as a product and as work in urban areas with Millenial-ish populations.  And Millenials are probably a healthy Democrat voting bloc.  But a Democrat is apparently at this time obligated to take a stand against Uber to oblige the sentiments of the party’s smaller, misanthropic blocs…particularly union members…. Though you get no sense union members do Uber, at all.  It’s daft.  Other thing… ya know, I have no expectation Uber is a great job, but it’s a meaningful amount of $ for the labor.  And you get it, what, probably in your paypal account im-f-ing-mediately rather than in your bank account 2 plus weeks from the day you earned it.   There’s a bit to be said for that, which is, that it’s the proper tradeoff for the 1099 contractor relationship there, it’s what make the whole arrangement not actually exploitive, that it’s useful to have that in the economy…

I agree with this counterintuitive notion.

Sanders:  let’s stop growing, and just divvy up what we’ve got.   I managed a breakthrough in insight here in recent years where I kinda now perceive the empathic qualities of a redistributionist philosophy that aspires to see the needs of the many fulfilled.  But golly, these people are also without exception pessimistic, Malthusian, zero-sum.  Where they have a nice quality of empathy, they almost universally lack for a wisdom that understands the upward trajectory of abundance and human progress.  Why is that?


One thought on “Jots w/ dots 7/13

  1. pm1956

    Sanders and the pie cutters vs the pie growers:

    your observation is not new at all, but that does not mean that it is wrong. It is sadly still very accurate. Way back in the 80’s Lester Thurow (sometimes referred to a ‘Less Than Thorough” b y his economics brethren) talked about this in “The Zero sum Society” ( I thought he was right then, and i think he is still right. There are important reasons to look at the role of redistribution, but you can not ignore growth. Growth needs to come first, and then you look at redistribution.


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