Biden his time

Say it: President Biden.  Over at WWP there yesterday Bri is umbraged that people would compare Trump to Sanders as a disruptive intra-party sideshow, and that there would be a qualitative equivalence drawn between Trump supporters and Sanders supporters.  His qualitative false equivalence observation might be right, to the extent that comparison is being made.  Trump is an absurdity, a sideshow, and to not understand this as disqualifying and ‘support’ him for his … whatever, his populist rage, I guess…. speaks to an obtuseness and lack of wisdom.

That’s not present in the dynamic that makes a Democrat support Sanders.  It’s the opposite, in fact, a contemplated wisdom that makes one disqualify the Democrat’s absurd candidate, Hillary Clinton.

She’s not a real candidate, in ways different than Trump, perhaps.  But she’s just as reality show absurd, what with her pursuit of POTUS being a function of payback for not divorcing her husband when he was POTUS.

Yes she’s got ‘support’ but it’s also Trump like.  Which is to say, she’s prominent now but is ominously vulnerable because she’s not a good / real candidate with there being a foreseeable problem getting people of contemplated wisdom to vote for her in the primaries given superior alternatives.  Ya know, like there was in 2008, when she was bested by a real / superior candidate.

If Biden is in, she can’t beat him  I just don’t see how Hillary Clinton succeeds in that ‘ask’ of getting Democrats to primary vote for her given Biden’s superior seriousness / quality as a candidate and as unreserved, enthusiastic standard bearer for a 3rd Obama term.  HRC is not going to be the nominee.

Jots w/ dots 7/10

Say it: President Rubio

I don’t believe this:  Which is to say, the quality of this polling insight is shitty.

Obamacare is working:  But premiums going down was kind of a noble lie eh.  It costs money to cover people who aren’t going to pay much in premiums, you get that from people who can afford health ins premiums.


One thought on “Biden his time

  1. pm1956

    I think that biden is being very smart. I think he knows that he can’t beat Hillary in the Dem primary, so he isn’t going to try. If Hillary stumbles badly, he will be available, but only if his party calls on him. he will not actively seek the nomination. I think that he’d like to be President, but not badly enough to get into a knock down drag out with hillary.

    Trump is a buffoon. Right now he is making the entire GOP field look bad, but really what he is doing is making Jeb look better. Hell, Jeb even looks sympathetic after Trump’s attacks on his wife. As Loveland says today, Jeb looks like a moderate in comparison. What joe leaves out is that Jeb also looks like a champion of hispanics in comparison to Trump.

    Obamacare was never designed to result in lower premiums. It was hoped that it would “bend the cost curve”, that health care costs would go up more slowly — but still go up. The first year the premiums were significantly lower than expected–the insurers used them as loss leaders, in the hopes that inertia would keep customers despite increases in following years.


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