Jots w/ dots 7/6

It is and it isn’t.  I related my experience, but I’m mindful it’s not representative.  I’m middle aged, established…  Fair to say commerce is vibrant.  Fair to say there’s no lack for ‘work’, there’s a lot of that available.  Among other things making for a decreasing participation rate, I think people who have to work for $10 – $16/hr are kinda picky about which $10 – $16 hr job they’ll take.  Thing is, its an intermediary wage.  You commit yourself to 32/40 hrs a week at that price, vis a vis the hour commitment you hamstring your ability to find better work… which is invariably out there to be found with some persistence.  Other thing….it’s kinda easy these days to make that same money doing off book work, which again, comes without certain hamstrings.

Sanders seeks a middle on guns.  A semi-automatic rifle ban is not the middle, but from Sanders it’s an irrelevancy as anything more than an effort to placate some disparate voting groups who might find him appealing.  Ya know, he ain’t going to be President, and if he was this is not something he’d have the wherewithal to pursue….  Republicans are remembering this week that Hillary came up with the Obama is a Muslim thing, and I am similarly moved to understand here that there is some danger in how HRC goes about squashing affable old Bernie.  With that done too hard, too ‘Clinton’ like, a lot of lefties might stay away from the polls.

A red state in its ways.  MN has gun ownership of 36% vs 29% rate nationally.

Obamacare is working, ya know, despite premium hikes of 25%, 35%… 55%   55% is requested by BCBC of MN.   And ya know, don’t worry… Do like the Kaiser foundation says, just get a shittier plan if the one you have is too expensive.

Michale Lewis, panned.  Wow.

Very Trumpy of him.  Ya know, this stuff out of Trump’s mouth is obviously not wisdom… There’s some ironic timing here that this particular dustup comes a week after Amy Schumer had a brouhaha over an old joke of hers, the punchline being that Hispanic men are ‘rapey’.  I can’t see / say  that that there’s a double standard, we’re seeing similar criticism.  Ya know as far as tropes / stereotypes….  I actually didn’t have any real consciousness of that one.


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