Greece is the word  Ya know, here’s a thing:  The Greeks are said to be kinda lazy.  The Germans, they have the bankroll, and by virtue of them having the bank roll, they are assumed to be more hardworking and industrious. Ipso facto.  And this is maybe so, but I kinda find it hard to believe this is a generalization that’s allowed in polite society these days, racial and ethnic as that observation is.  But yeah, the Germans are more ‘productive’ in terms of ‘product’.  They make more and sell more, do more work per person, etc.  I dunno, they say this, they say that.  They do have cratering demographics in Greece.  I’ve come to understand, I think rightfully, that the welfare state works only if you got a lot of young workers being the base of the pyramid.  Or, if you can inflate your currency.  Greece has neither.  That lot of young workers thing… that what we call ‘economic growth’.  So it’s odd that we have this perspective out there where some people want something more tempered or ‘sustainable’ than ‘growth’, such that ‘sustainable’ can’t pay for a modern, social democrat welfare state. It’s a position at odds within the people that hold it, but it’s not as if they know that, because they think you can just tax the rich.  Anyway, I will posit, maybe sustainability works somewhere down the line.  I do have some sentiment that with mass production and the obsolescence of labor, everyone ought to get a minimal share of what they robots make.

Jots w/ dots 6/30

Bakken Bust Hot Air guy seizes on the Atlantic article to make his partisan point.  It remains crap, and it’s objectionable because of the word ‘bust’.  What I didn’t say yesterday:  what’s been established there is large scale hydrocarbon extraction, with a baseline economic footprint that will provide robust regional commerce for generations to come.  It ain’t no Fing bust.  I have been to NoDak a lot, but been a bit since I have been on I-94 at Dickinson.  I would like to see that, maybe this fall.

CSI Lake Elmo  I grew up there, I do not know this woman.  You got a NIMBY thing going on obviously, but I have no sense the NIMBY people are the old families.  But I have no idea really.  I washed dishes for Ed at his place when I was 17-18, good fellow, must run a restaurant about as well as anyone could aspire to.

Not just kids  Bert Blyeven was a big time tongue sticker outer when he pitched, usually when he was throwing a curveball.  As a boy I emulated Bert… I started sticking my tongue out too, and I have no sense that I was trying to take my emulation to that detail, it was just something that happened when you tried to crack off a deuce.  I just wrote crack off a deuce. Gehar.


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