Decade at Bernie’s

He seems an authentic character, and with his appeal has a chance to be destabilizing / an agenda setter on the blue side.

I think I understand the boomers’ matriculation into adulthood, broadly, better than I know the Xers.  Bernie here, he’s missing something that we do contemplate of boomer men running for office.  He might be last of his kind that way, we won’t contemplate for election any more men born in the 40’s

The best detail I can find about his post college, early 20’s is that he spent it on a kibbutz in Israel.  Can’t find any other details anywhere.  Not in his bio, not in the news articles that make up the bulk of Google results.

Sitting out that war on an overseas civilian peace mission is the tell-tale description for draft avoidance.  Sanders was verifiably anti-war….but the explanation of his draft status seems elusive.  Was he a CO?  Have another kind of deferment?  Did he ride it out until Carter decided those guys would never be prosecuted?

We are way down the road on this, and draft avoidance isn’t a blemish the way it might have been, like in the 80’s and 90’s.  And Sanders has this halo of principled-ness.  So I doubt he comes off poorly when this discussion eventually arises.  But it’s a discussion that is going to happen, I guess I’d like to see him be assertive.  Philosophically, I don’t think it’s the obligation of any young man to not question their conscription.

It will be ironic if Hillary tries to make an issue of it.

Lunch Googling Update:  he ostensibly had a college deferment, and applied for CO status when he graduated in 1963 …. And his app didn’t get denied for 4 years, by which time he was 26 and too old…Just in case, he spent those next 3 years out of the country…

A bit of draft evasion gamesmanship there.  Which is fine.

Jots w/ dots 6/26

Re Nikki Haley, she’s getting some high regard for taking down the stars and bars.  Nixon going to China thing eh.  I think thats fine, having not had strong feelings myself about the Confederate flag much before as a cultural issue.  I am moved by the people who say it ought to go.

It’s curious / ironic that Haley’s governorship is owed to being endorsed as the most Tea Party-ish candidate by Sarah Palin when Haley was otherwise in 3rd place going into the SC gov primary a few years ago.  Curious / ironic because Haley appears to be very much a thoughtful person, and curious / ironic because Palin is on minute 15 of her 15 minutes of fame, basically cuz there’s no there ‘there’.

This is awkward  The abstinence campaign is supposed to be a point of hypocrisy eh.  And it is.  Yeah, abstinence is kind of “myth-y”, and I bet this is always as it has been.  Such that fundies link a certain kind of chastity to virtue, they are probably unwise there, such that it can’t really be accomplished.  “People are horny,” as Patrick Reusse says.

SCOTUS:  now, gay marriage.  Fine, of course, though I’m having a reactionary instinct about all these liberal victories.

Yes, he’s been fairly consequential  Reaganesque, you might say.

One thought on “Decade at Bernie’s

  1. pm1956

    Just a thought or two on the confederate flag: thing is, it was a symbol of rebellion to many, who, frankly, didn’t want to think about history or race. I’m thinking of Lynryd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels (not them specifically, but those who listened), who were political only when the government wouldn’t let them smoke weed or might send them to war. The Stars and Bars were a convenient way of rebelling against authority back then, at least for those who could afford the luxury of not having to worry about race. It was also a way for those who were culturally southern to stick it to the dominant paradigm (the northeast, especially). Damn Yankees.

    But that era is now gone. And it went fast. Combine that with gay marriage, and we really have been seeing some significant cultural change. Cultural dissonance for those in the 65+ age group. The world they grew up in is forever changed. Gone.

    It is in this way that Nikki Haley is a GOP hero–she is helping the GOP avoid wallowing in the misery of that cultural dissonance, of being captured forever by the old age demographic (which has been a problem for the GOP, because they are dying off). Huckabee, on the other hand, can’t seem to get away from that tar baby. Even Sen. Graham was pretty nimble on this one. On the whole, the GOP largely avoided that trap.


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