Jots w/ dots 6/25

MN: Open for business:  It is good here, and yet there are some questionable analyses of this.

1, I sense ‘they’ and some fellow travelers are advancing an idea we have high business taxes here, and we thrive, and its cause and effect and its ideal.   Meh.  We have high income taxes.  I’m not sure we have that high corporate taxes.

2, ‘they’ are advancing an idea, and they are not the first, that having high taxes somehow contributes to the dynamic business environment.  And that Dayton had an insight that even higher taxes would goose that dynamism a bit….  In the CNBC article even Dayton corrects this.

Minnesota has been exceedingly prosperous for a hundred years.  No doubt a certain public spiritedness in the zeitgeist the whole time helps this along .  You get to 2010, we’re very prosperous.  The Dayton tax argument was not that more taxes goose the business environment.  It was that we have the capacity for more taxes for some things we want to pay for, and it will not depress that business dynamism….  He was right about that.

3, ya know, we ain’t ‘right to work’, but you actually hardly ever encounter union workers that aren’t government workers.  Some of the trades are, but there is not a union drag on the economy here.

4, I dunno, the Minnesota economy, it’s diversified with a bunch of sectors interacting kinda harmoniously / symbiotically.  It’s good.  We’re lucky.

Yeah, I buy that…

I don’t want to hear any of this BS about a partisan SCOTUS


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