Jots w/ dots 6/24

I said that but nevermind, this is past the realm of theory.  Re Scherzer’s run I was moved to mention, tangentially, that the ball doesn’t have as much horizontal break as the batter perceives, this a feature of parallax.  Also, that there might be some sweet spot for rpm rotation that essentially allows the ball’s location in flight to be somewhat masked from the batter.

It’s probably more the rotation than the parallax, and it’s a problem present generally; it’s part of the broader athletic challenge of hitting a pitched baseball.  Over the distance it travels and the speed it travels vs how many frames people can process a second… the ball’s spin distorts the batters sense of where it is in flight.

The question might remain, is there a sweet spot for RPM where you get maximum visual distortion?  In my own dilettante baseball odyssey, it was an odd visual phenomenon to see a low spin fastball, where it looked like just a couple revolutions on its way to the plate and you could see the seams well.  I don’t recall if those were easier to hit, but I think easier.  And I’d say those were two seamers, supposed to be sinkers.

Anyway, if it can be figured out…. and it can be, no doubt…. then you can coach to it or scout from it, if there’s an actual piece of insight there that speaks to some effectiveness.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:  See, the Pope and the Church are pro-population growth right?  Right they are (I am too!).  But more people can’t co-exist with tempered or decreased consumption and economic growth, as the Pope also encourages.  You can have one or the other.  There’s more there to critique, but big thing is the encyclical’s perspective is disqualified by the impossibility of making these two desires harmonious.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

Yes, get rid of the confederate flag.  But vaguely, I can see a necessity for this, such that I’m not sure a proper result of Charlestown is that Civil War reenacting goes beyond the pale.  You going to do Civil War reenacting, you need Confederates….  There is a merchandising curiosity here….  Target had shelf space for this is the first place, either virtual or real?  Why?  This is a question of mission…


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