Outrage du jour: Charleston

Re guns I am what I am and I don’t foresee encountering the policy arguments that change my mind.  And I’m not entirely dogmatic, I allow for a logical bar that might be hurdle-able and I allow for some proscriptions that could coexist with the 2A.  But with crime incidence what it is… statistically low…I don’t believe there’s justification to administratively burden the 99.9% of people who pursue firearms avocations responsibly.

So the President is wrong, as far as it goes  http://www.newrepublic.com/article/122071/gun-laws-wont-end-mass-shootings-they-will-reduce-gun-homicides.  And actually I don’t think gun homicides at large make the GC point either.  It’s fairly statistically isolated stuff, even at US levels.

But no, as a matter of reality, the President was not intemperate here.  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2015/06/obamas-pathetic-comments-on-the-charleston-massacre.php  He can say that.  Also, it’s not ‘politicization’ for him to do so.  Calling ‘politicization’ is a BS premise.  Ya know, we blame the media for framing the two ideologies as simplistically opposing each other every single issue.  Fox and some conservatives are on the low road here with this reflexive contrarianism.  Dial it down a notch boys, we won on guns.  Act like it


***Is it “terrorism”?:  Yeah, I suppose it is, though you like to understand ‘terrorism’ to be partner to something more nefarious than a backwoods retard who glommed unto some gutter pathologies.  We must be in banality of evil territory here.

***Is it a ‘hate crime’?:  yeah, I suppose it is if a retard can be culpable for his hate [crime].  Is there some utility to gained from holding him culpable for his hate?  I doubt it.

***I realize the implications of using the word ‘retard’.  It would be wrong to call Down’s Syndrome people retards.  With this guy Roof it’s literally correct, whether he’s got an apparent brain problem or not.  He didn’t develop properly.  He’s defective.  No doubt his family shares blame for that.

***These guys, the Holmes, the Loughners, the Roofs of the world… they almost universally never possess the temperament and competence to navigate the secondary market, they almost always buy retail  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/420032/charleston-shooter-bought-his-gun-store-charles-c-w-cooke  where there is the Instacheck background call to the FBI/ATF.  If this ain’t solvable on the backend data side, then I don’t know that it’s solvable.

***If Hillary has to articulate a position here to placate  people in the Democrat coalition who care about GC, I think it probably turns off a larger number of people, ‘independents’, that she’s going to need to win.


3 thoughts on “Outrage du jour: Charleston

  1. pm1956

    I generally agree with both you and Obama on the major point–Gun Control opponents have won, and until there is a major shift in public opinion, nothing is likely to change in the near future. There is some room for a little bit of nibbling around the edges, but major change is unlikely until people grow tired of the shooting and killing and suicides, etc. As that has not happened yet, I am not sure exactly what might bring that to pass. Certainly doesn’t seem likely that more school shootings or church killings will do the trick.

    It was kind of funny to watch Fox and some of the GOP candidates trying to talk about Charleston as “an attack on religious freedom”.

      1. pm1956

        Trump…is he anything other than a massive ego? He really is the epitome of all that is wrong with US politics and entertainment–and how the 2 are blending, and people make $$ off the combination of the 2 (strib article on Michelle Bachmann this morning has more on that).

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