Charleston:  That’s racist

Yeah, it was.

Re Chait I’ll go on to say I do wonder if he’s unfair in assuming FOX’ outsized role in Republican dialogue is indistinguishable from Republican dialogue itself.  I’d like to think they are different, but my recent experience vis a vis Trump is that the commonplace inanities extend past FOX.  I listen to KTLK on the morning drive, two days ago Jack and Andrew were discussing Trump seriously, as were the callers.  You don’t give a good impression when ya do that….

Jeb, he’s being overly cautious in his words.  Moot point, he will not be President.

If Roof is racist…. and he is …. I guess the implication is you take Roof’s example as a leading indicator, canary in a coalmine that tells of a broader societal pathology not yet articulated.  Secondary implication is that the the pathology indicts Republicans because Roof is ambiguously a fellow traveler, a conservative, which ya figure is the reason Republicans are hesitant to acknowledge Roof’s racism in the first place.

I reject that premise, and it’s rejectable by noting that Roof is a retard with an anachronistic quality of racism that can only exist in one who’s profound retardation is enabled through a social isolation that disqualifies any association to contemporary Republicanism or conservatism.

So don’t worry about it FOX, don’t worry about it Jeb, he’s not with us, not a Republican.  Go ahead and call it racism.


2 thoughts on “Charleston:  That’s racist

  1. pm1956

    I think that Republicans should be a lot less hesitant to criticize fellow Republicans. There is the 11th Commandment: Republicans shalt not speak ill of other Republicans; and so they have trouble distancing themselves from weirdos like the Duggars and Donald Trump and Cliven Bundy, etc.

    The GOP needs to disengage itself from more of the far right in this country, who are often racists masquerading as something else. I do not think that the GOP is inherently racist, but there are far too many people who embrace the GOP who are racists, and the GOP often welcomes their support. This is a problem for the GOP.


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