I don’t understand beer

Not with the way craft beer has changed the expectations of the palate.

I’m trying to figure out what I like, so I can properly discern it among the different labels when I go to the store.  And what I mean is, I like to drink craft beer, but I want it neither so hoppy or nor skunky like Rolling Rock.  I want it to be tasty, but kinda like macro beer, kinda like a Miller Genuine Draft.  It’s been a goal to understand the difference between pilsner, ale, lager, bock, porter, stout, but I haven’t mastered it, such that I would have to keep a chart to figure it out.

I’m not on board with Surly mania here locally.  Too hoppy.  I’ve gravitated towards Newcastle this summer, that’s what I like.  Which is not a craft beer, merely foreign and exotic.


Why exactly are we excise taxing beer production at this point?  Economically, it’s proper to understand that if you tax purposefully, you tax to distort behavior or you tax to raise money either for a dedicated or general stream.

The beer tax doesn’t distort behavior, it’s not large enough that it depresses beer production.  Indeed, there’s big demand for all kinds of beer and seemingly low barriers to entry what with small brewers perfectly willing to contract out their batches to micro brewers.

So is it raising money?  Probably some, but I would guess the amount is negligible as compared to the bulk of federal revenues.  So you end up having the anachronistic tax system there such that the BATF guys have some alcohol regulations to enforce.  It’s make work.

Jots w/ dots 6/9

Our addled Gov.    Ya know, the $2B tax hike in MN….where the Democrats raised taxes on high end earners and the sky didn’t fall and it did enlarge the state budget… that was an enormous political victory for Dayton.  And this took insight / inspiration and execution.  It’s not been obvious he’s had well developed thoughts on anything else.  http://www.twincities.com/politics/ci_28277584/dayton-drops-one-objection-but-others-sprout-before  He’s getting steamrolled by Daudt, and Bakk is abetting.  You get the impression that these frivolous vetoes and then incoherent negotiating are done to dispel a somewhat accurate notion that he’s ineffective.

Why Marco can’t balance his checkbook.  I guess this is a borderline hypocrisy discernment exercise.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/10/us/politics/marco-rubio-finances-debt-loans-credit.html?partner=rss_emc=rss__r=0  Not impressive personal finance, but:

  • High expense lifestyle, relatively low pay. And he wasn’t rich to start with.
  • This stuff with the house in Tallahassee and the speed boat and the personal residence in Miami… the dollar amounts, this is not 1% territory, and suffice it to say it’s not .1% territory.  It’s very pedestrian affluent middle class territory.  Yet ya figure the Times intends that these figures read as shocking and somewhat other worldly.
  • He’s still very young. I think it’s more typical than not, when you’re young, raiding Peter to pay Paul within various personal assets and income streams.  So, I kinda reject the premise that Marco is to be different in some way, despite that as an R he’s supposed to be a budget hawk I guess and the assumption is this as a matter of consistency this will be reflected in his personal finances.
  • One of the reasons Rubio has been stretched fairly thin is he’s apparently been trying to finance his lifestyle with his own money…. Which is not necessarily what politicians will do given the opportunity.
  • Re that, there’s a natural comparison here to the Clintons when they were young and Gov. Bill was making about $22,500 a year as governor of AR. That was obviously a pittance, kinda a mere ceremonial stipend for the job, and not enough for the lifestyle that comes with.  The low pay of high office compelled the Clintons then into all kinds of financial foolishness.  Whitewater, skeezyily done taxes, cattle futures… which I think is universally understood now to have been a bribe.  Just sayin… but not that we shouldn’t discount the lack of moral equivalence what with the Clinton’s being Democrats…

Obamacare is working:  ‘affordable’ takes a hit, high premium hikes as the risk corridors wind down  http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2015/06/millionaire_salaries_and_billions_in_cash_undermine_nonprofit_insurers_rate_hikes.php  City Pages is consistently insipid / obtuse.  IE, what to understand minimally as an economic literate is that the compensation of their executives and the superficial size of top line revenue numbers have zero to with the premiums needed to keep insurance pools actuarially solvent.  These CP guys are illiterates.  Not that I love HC companies….

Eye on Scandinavia:  http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-06-08/u-s-can-t-import-the-scandinavian-model


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