Jots w/ dots 6/3

Dilettante civil liberties: what’s the deal with this?  Likeliest answer is they are spoofing cell towers and making phones ping the device on the plane.  I suppose you do those municipal flyovers and you end up composing city data sets that number in the low hundreds of thousands of phones.   This is not the acute, targeted policing we associate w/ search warrants, rather, its ‘bulk metadata-ish’.  As a comp sci problem, I’m left to ponder what utility you get out of this in a world where most people aren’t shadowy and they pay a carrier with a legitimate name and bank account such that you could easily access get all that phone information with a warrant….  Dunno, maybe it’s a function of that shadowiness or lack thereof…. when you join (database term) the flyover ping data to the phone company data, I think what you can call out is the stuff that has the appearance of being fringy, ie, prepaid phones with a lot of activity, the burner phones.  Which are a thing, I could see that being a criminal behavior problem that the feds are trying to solve.

As a reflection of what actually?  Politics?  Temperament?  By most measures I think the answer to this question is prolly Pres. Harry Truman.  I can’t think of another that compares well, but its kind of arbitrary anyway.

Dilettante kinesiology: This is a fanciful lament.  Santana has bad mechanics, always did.  He decelerates abruptly after he releases the ball, there’s a lot of jarring, high stress movement that’s not slacked out / wound out gracefully.  That’s what wrecked his arm first time.  The high-pitch count no-hitter didn’t cause his second shoulder tear.  Such that he recovered to pitch a year, his shoulder capsule was going to tear again, there wasn’t going to be a way for him to play MLB and conserve his arm via a pitch count.  Other thing is… the assumption is I guess is supposed to be that pitchers are going to stay healthy.  Probably a bad assumption.  Pitching a lot is very often debilitating such that you’re unable to make that hard, physical throw very far into adulthood.  You do it a few tens of thousands of times, you get a constant ache.  It’s just that most guys don’t find that out as they quit at age 18.

Baseball in Lowertown will be a success…..  I have been dubious through the years about the quality of Saints baseball, what with these teams being comprised of non-prospects.  Also….they pay these guys like $900 a month in season, IE, from May thru August.  Lemme repeat, that’s like $3600 per player per year, say a total salary expense of less than $150k for the entire roster for the summer.  Paying these guys this little reflects a lack of seriousness, ya know, besides being exploitive.  Increasing these guys’ pay would not be expensive, and they can afford it with this new found money.


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