Jots w/dots Uno de Juno

Scouting by way of historical anecdote:  The kid Feiner was no doubt a decent HS pitcher to be a starter on a team that went to state.  Standing next to Mauer, it appears he’s not over 6 ft tall.  I’ll say he could get up to about 80 mph, but probably not much more, such that if he could he mighta gone on to play DIII or DII ball.  Featured a 12-6 curve?  That’s kind of an artisan pitch, and a bit more technically complex than the basic high school slurveball.  Maybe his was good, but figure also he caught hitting prodigy Mauer there at a moment of overeagerness.

Annals of price discrimination:  Ya know, whether Happy Hearts is wise to pay Pres. Bill Clinton $500K for a speaking fee (it’s not…) and whether that $ is effectively used for charity within the Clinton Foundation (it isn’t…) are actually kind of sideline questions.  Thing is, the former Pres. has demands on his time, and the method used to determine how that time is booked is that willingness to pay the $500k speakers fee.  I don’t think you actually make a value judgment about that so much…

I think that’s right, Rand won’t be Pres.  It’s to say, he’s not going to get nominated. …The hand wringing about this seems overwrought.  Don’t ya figure bulk record collecting goes on, with the various gov. bureaus just, ya know, lying about it…? I mean, I know that’s a fantastical stretch, that the government would lie about something like that…

This fella thinks this piece is triumphantly wry and ironic.  It’s not.  To the extent it’s not an inside joke, its incoherent.  I’d wager this guy does have a misanthropy problem.


One thought on “Jots w/dots Uno de Juno

  1. pm1956

    FWIW, Clinton gets paid a market price. Heck, his market price might be even more than $500K. If he can get it, more power to him. I wouldn’t pay that kind of money, but so what? i also see no reason to contribute to the Clinton Foundation.

    Rand: this was one of his finer hours. I respect him for his stand, which I think (in this instance) is generally correct. But he probably won’t win a lot of Republican friends (especially elected Republican friends–average GOP voters seem somewhat more inclined to listen to what he has to say, but i think the ISIS scare tactics are working there, too.). But I am very glad he is bringing attention to this issue.

    Peddle Pub: The guy was right–he is an asshole. I do think the cops over-reacted, however.


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