Pedal Pub

Hot story, hottest of the hot, and I am obviously obligated to comment:

1 – As a prank, the Mad Max water attack thing has some inherent humor provided it’s done with some good-hearted mirth.  Should be funny.

2 – Apparently, that mirth is lacking.  Really, pedal pub should not engender any vitriol whatsoever among anyone.  Yet it does, with most disdain coming from Minneapolis’ young and urbane set.  Further refine that to mostly just Minneapolis bicyclists.  They don’t like the pedal pubbers…. Why?  Seems to be kind of a churlish lefty misanthrope thing…. they think pedal pub is a bastard hybridization of bourgeois decadencies …. sitting on your ass and drinking beer and being a tourist… that manages to besot the holy sacrament of bike riding along the way.   That’s best as I can figure.

3 – The cops… I don’t know what point to revisit among the hundreds I’ve made over some recent months here.  They’re overboard…

Jots w/ dots 5/26

I said that: City Pages on suppressors  From very blue Blue Stem Prairie no less.

Pitching is kinda dangerous:  I never got hit by a shot back to the mound.  Such that nationally, fatalities seem to occur once every couple years, I always thought the potentialities there required something like adult velocity to the plate and then an adult swing and exit trajectory to generate enough emc(2) to create a mortal skull fracture.  Now, the youth baseball environment has changed.  They’re all better players, and every team has a couple kids with prodigy quality athleticism it seems. But still, it’s hard (for me) to fathom 15 year olds can create a ‘speed of the game’ scenario where someone gets killed.  But pitching is dangerous and there’s always cosmic bad luck.

Twins are good:  Despite extraordinary passion and some very nerdy neural features, I did not matriculate to being one of this era’s new breed of stat heads.  Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t say that stuff isn’t good, and doesn’t mean I value gut instinct more…. but lacking the statistical background, all I got is gut instinct, little bit of a scouting eye….  Twins are good, they’ll make the playoffs.  We’re in an era of parity, and with the playoffs the way they are you gotta win about 88 games to get in.  They’ll get in, get over that fairly low hurdle.  They’re not great but they are exhibiting some spirit and quality of play, with this not seeming vapory, they’ve leapfrogged some teams.  They’ve got lucky, some things have turned around for them with necessary players performing better than adequate.  Big thing:  Torii Hunter is old and immobile, and not a good outfielder, but they didn’t have a productive bat like that in recent years to just bust up patterns of consecutive outs…


3 thoughts on “Pedal Pub

  1. pm1956

    Torii hunter: this is a great story:
    I happen to think that Matt carpenter is a stunningly good player, nad Carpenter credits Torii for everything.

    Pedal Pub. Yeah, i don’t understand it (the animosity). Personally, i want to do that some day. Seems like fun to me. Of course, I’d think it was fun to be on the pedal pub, drinking beers and armed with water balloons and super soakers waiting for those biker riders….Hot summer day, beer and a water fight–what could be better?


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