We win again

Public Safety Bill SF878 signed by Gov. Dayton moments ago.  Silencers legalized in MN, among other things in the bill.

That’s quite the thing, such that there was a pretty defiant veto threat over silencers from the Gov. in the last few weeks.

Update:  ya know, we have crappy news reporting around here.  I was looking for news on the public safety bill with the suppressors in it, and find this:  http://blogs.twincities.com/politics/2015/05/22/dayton-signs-four-budget-bills/  In there is a detail that implies Gov. Dayton did not make good on his veto threat because the bill was adjusted re his veto threat, ie “scaled back”.

Well, this was news to me and I follow things in the news with better than casual diligence.  So I searched to find the nature of this ‘scaling back’

Apparently there were some penalties for criminal misuse of suppressors that were codified, maybe in conference.   http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=72a021a0-8b9f-43b8-8ea0-a57be1555696  Which is not to say, really, that suppressor legalization within the state was ‘scaled back’.  But whatevs, it allowed Dayton to save face with some low-info people within the Democrat coalition.

If I get a suppressed piece it will be a vintage Colt Woodsman or High Standard HD-MIL… like something a WWII OSS guy would have had.  Fits my personality, I don’t like the Germans and I shoot .22’s


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