Our hot and dry future with global warming…

So as I shared earlier, TPM is pretty sure the future that global warming brings us will be exactly like Mad Max…. hot and dry.

Why, I ask as a dilettante, is that?  Why is that the assumption?  Ya know, besides that it’s scary…

Figure, you take solid carbon and atmospherize it, en masse, as humans and volcanos and meteors have done… it either makes the atmosphere denser or it increases the size of the atmosphere.  And you get a greenhouse effect, which means more warmth… I guess….and though warmth has been great for biological life throughout the world’s history, has meant fertility and abundance, it’s bad in this case… cuz right where we’re at now, it’s the precipice… science knows that, 97% consensus…even though it’s been warmer before, and it wasn’t the precipice then….Anyway.  If it’s warmer, water evaporates and goes to the air.  Ya figure with a mildly more carbonized atmosphere there might actually be some capacity for the atmosphere to hold more water vapor…  But it’s never going to rain apparently; the earth will be parched out everywhere like Mad Max.

Hot and dry is bull, like quite a few other things.  And hot and wet isn’t actually a problem.


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