Jots w/ dots 5/21

This would reflect a departure, so far as I can tell.  IE, paragraph 6.  Fair to say, testilying on police reports has been practice for municipal police officers for quite a long time because there was no check on it.  The feds are stepping up to act as a check.  And they might as well.  This guy would appear to be an egregious example and A) his internal reviews always clear him B) such that there are perjury probable causes borne out by the civil actions when the dept gets sued, the state or county doesn’t ever step up to discourage testilying by prosecuting it.

I’m vaguely working on knowing this better  I dunno, besides the textbook definition, Mills and all, I think it argues for a certain sparseness what with resources allocated for the ‘greater good’.  ‘Soviet’ is a word that comes to mind as something of a synonym.  I’m not a fan of ‘utilitarianism’.

Reminds me… Other day wife was telling of a FB listicle clickbait she had read and found funny / hideous, which was online dating profiles of Russian men.  Consistently, they were pictures of dudes flexing their biceps in tanktops in crappy apartments in Moscow.  Several brandished weapons.  The question was, what’s the deal with Russia?  I always say, it’s a hell hole.  But further, captured by a nihilism that seems to override their nominal Christianity… that which didn’t really get affected  by a message of peace and love that Europe did in its conversion.  Russia is different.

Reminds me…. so this Waco thing.  See, the confluence of the breastaurant and the biker gangs and the guns….I don’t see that as a reflection of America going to hell in a handbasket for lack of, actually, utilitarianism… that which would tacitly or explicitly obviate breastaurants and faux bikers and real bikers and guns.  This ain’t Russia, but fringe sects without a stake and not integrated and controlled by the larger body of societal norms have always been thus.  So it’s incorrect to think the Waco biker shootout is an externality of civil societies failure at this time, which is the verdict over at Joe’s blog WWP.  Ya know, and it’s the west… it’s a bit anarchic in the first place.  This Waco thing strikes me as similar to the Johnson County War, or the Mormons shooting it out with the gentiles at various points.


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