Jots with dots 5/20

Liberal apostasy from Damon Linker as we revisit the Iraq war this week:  Look, Bush / Cheney lied a little… but it was a noble lie.  The motivation was to plant the seed of democracy in the middle east, and remake the region for the benefit of them and us.  So it’s noble.  And it’s not as if it didn’t and doesn’t work, provided you keep a standing army in these countries at a cost of several hundred billion a year.  Lyndon Johnson tried the exact same thing, and also lied with the truth not being persuasive.  So let’s not have a double standard.

The grievance crowd is trying to draw some contrasts re this Waco biker gang thing, the point being maybe the bikers’ benefit from some assumptions and privilege.  Uh hello, the police marched into that parking lot and started gunning everyone down.  That’s not getting the benefit of assumptions or privilege….  I recall also a discussion in the last couple days where it’s asserted that ‘biker gang’ is not as pejorative as ‘thug’.  I disagree, my sense as a writing / word / culture guy is that ‘biker gang’ is pejorative like ‘thug’ that one probably can’t split hairs over the difference.

Chait Stains:  Chait’s observation is true, but there’s a problem that kinda obviates the larger takeway, which is supposed to be that FOX is shallow because they have good looking blondes on camera.  That problem is, the blondes, Megyn and Kirsten, are formidable personalities and superior to Hannity and O’Reilly as journalists

He’s anti-science:  Bernie Sander is against nuclear power.


One thought on “Jots with dots 5/20

  1. pm1956

    interesting thoughts today. couple of comments:

    1. Liberal Apostasy: here is the thing–the supposed motivation was not to bring democracy to the region. We know that, because conservatives in principal object to idealism and idealistic causes. We also know that because the real motivation was a combination of lust for oil, lust for profits for Halliburton (lining Cheney’s pockets), and revenge (finishing off the unfinished business from the GHW Bush regime).

    And there is no double standard with Viet Nam–Viet Nam was a bipartisan fuck up, with lying on both sides (Nixon and the bombing of Cambodia). Iraq was a more partisan fuck up (the lying was all from one party), and the GOP should pay the price.

    2. I do think that there is a crime double standard, with black crime seen as more threatening by whites than white crime. whites tend to romanticize biker gangs and biker culture (Sarah Palin in her biker leathers), while Bill O’Reilly (and his ilk) are fairly constantly railing against “gangsta rap” culture.

    3. Fox and the bimbos:

    The point is that Fox/Ailes likes to hire attractive women. That is where the sexism lies, not in pointing out that Fox does this on purpose. Sure, some of them are quite intelligent–but would they have been hired by Fox if they were just as intelligent, but fat? Probably not. Fox is shallow because it is designed to be shallow, and a part of the conscious design of Fox is to have lots of attractive blondes as presenters. The people who designed Fox are very smart. The people who view Fox, not so much. The people who work for Fox–who cares?


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