The War on Education

Listening to the Dayton press conference as I write this.  Now, education has baseline funding.  The bill that came out of the house and senate had $400 million in increases… Daudt would have gone another $100 million to $500M… and yet Dayton vetos because it’s $25M short, IE not $525M… I just don’t know how this isn’t excessive gamesmanship on Dayton’s part.

Jots w/ dots

The war on the poor:

I didn’t have much objections to the President’s comments last week.  I thought he was explaining the related political science the way academics do, the way Democrat strategists do, which is fine to an extent.  I don’t figure say that FOX had much real reason to be insulted.  But I am reminded that some / much of those parallel observations were trope and projection…IE, crap…   like religious people being fixated on social issues to the exclusion of poverty… Locally in my mere village, excluding Afton… we got a Catholic church, a Baptist Church, a Lutheran church, and a Methodist Church.  I think I can say I am casually aware of community furthering endeavors at each congregation, while being aware of political endeavors at none of them.  This is the reality everywhere, probably.  It ain’t quite as the President says, he’s the one who believes a media narrative.x

The war on guns

In this very blue state, the gun people got about 5 things on their wish list into the SF878 public safety omnibus, including suppressor legalization.

With the bill having a COLA raise for courts workers and veto proof majorities in the Senate and House, the proper instinct I think is that Dayton will sign it despite earlier protestations.

Anti-gun people got nothing in the bill.  It’s just to say…. There ain’t much of a debate.  The gun people manage the agenda.

The war on trolls: Minnpost

They have moderated comments in the first place.  Such as that’s the case Minnpost is going to start tallying ash-canned comments from individual commenters.  There’s going to be a threshold, and the egregious are going to get banned…

This is very curious, you get the sense they do this to make the responsibilities of their volunteer comment moderators easier.  I got an idea that will maker those responsibilities easier…. don’t moderate comments.

That’s a lot:  So, I’m really naïve at times.  I believe the remark I made was that I didn’t think $75K was a triviality for George Stephanopoulos’ household.  It’s a triviality.


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