Jots w Dots on the Dayton veto…

Vituperative….that’s a big league word

Gov Dayton asserts that Republicans ‘hate the public schools’.  Excessively hyperbolic there, over the line in terms of limits you ought to recognize in describing the motives of your political foes.  Ya know, private schools do not have an overly Republican clientele…. Cuz most private schools are in urban areas, and there ain’t a lot of Republicans in urban areas….  So Republican’s don’t hate public schools, they do frequent them and support them.  In my own district, we consistently elect Republican legislators and also pass school referendums…  Hate is way too strong a word to describe the Republicans feel about school spending, the Gov is insufficiently nuanced there.

He got asked a question at the presser about the merits or even legality of vetoing a bill for what’s not in it, rather than vetoing for containing things that are objectionable.  I think that’s a good question…  its not like we’re going to get a state supreme court case that says a veto of this type is unconstitutional, but it makes, again, for a question of his judgment when he upends norms in this way.

So you go back to that word, vituperative… Dayton said he was amazed at some of the vituperative Republican commentary about his mental faculties…. Well?…

I’m not convinced at all you get value from Pre-K…and I’d like to stand on an argument that’s less superficially obtuse than this and more epidemiologically undergirded… but I think this is somewhat self- evident as we have for quite a few centuries been turning out 18 year old graduates, and they are not deficient from not having a year of structured education at ages 4 or 5.  The push for Pre-K has every appearance of being a patronage building operation rather than something that delivers value.


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