Hersh-y squirts

I’m sure it was a noble lie  http://www.vox.com/2015/5/11/8584473/seymour-hersh-osama-bin-laden  Just kidding, the eyewitness reports from the Seal Team 6 guys makes what happened on the ground somewhat indisputable.  Hersh thus sounds pretty goofy here in places.  As to the Pakistani cooperation… I have a pedantic obsession whereby I get rankled at Democrats non-stop lying and douch-y press conference explanations for things where the lies are ostensibly justified by, ya know, the Democrat’s pursuit of egalitarianism…but this I think is OK, its within the Adminsitration’s purview to strategically dissemble etc about the nature of Pakistani cooperation.  Re Hersh, I recall him last here  http://www.minnpost.com/eric-black-ink/2009/03/investigative-reporter-seymour-hersh-describes-executive-assassination-ring  where he was also at the time regarded as out on the fringe.  Uh, JSOC teams out and about doing assassinations?   His description there has been borne out, that’s how it works apparently.  That’s what the OBL hit was.

Jots with dots

Actually, the thing about being poor is I think that you can’t actually afford to pay that dollar.  http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/ben-carson-tax-condescending-poor  It probably is that a dollar the poor pays in taxes is a dollar diminishment of their standard of living.  At least way more so than the affluent middle class.  Dude does not have elaborately developed wisdoms on things besides neuro surgery, he’s out of his realm.  Not qualified.

Chait stains:  Obama bested the field, he wasn’t affirmative action in any way  http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/05/clinton-obama-affirmative-action-presidents.html  Hillary: it would stand to reason there would be more meritorious candidates available than an ex-presidents wife, provided the party’s field were not held clear for her.  If affirmative action is a poor descriptor, oligarchy / nepotism aren’t.

Oh I think I can.  http://www.vox.com/2015/5/11/8584541/john-oliver-maternity-leave  Fallacious argument, I reject the premise.


One thought on “Hersh-y squirts

  1. pm1956

    Ben Carson:

    Jennifer Rubin (who I generally do not respect–she acts like a bought and paid for Israeli/netanyahu pr flack) has this to say about Carson and some of the other GOP candidates: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2015/05/11/getting-rid-of-crackpotism-in-the-gop/?hpid=z2

    I think her general point is valid, although i might disagree about some of the specifics (she hates Rand Paul because he wants to cut US $$ to Israel). I do think that ben Carson is in this to get a Fox News slot in the future (ie, to pull a Huckabee).


    who knows? apparently, Hersh gets this from a single source, who would appear to be close to the Pakistanis. Hersh is clearly a smart guy, has an impressive track record, but i think I have to agree with you. Too many people are going with the original story, and i find it hard to believe that all of them are in on the conspiracy. Too many sources saying the same thing–too hard to coordinate that if it is all a huge lie. Someone would crack.

    Of course, i suppose there is always the possibility that some one might yet crack….so lets wait and see. Hersh’s view needs more substantiation to become believable. unless he starts to get that substantiation,I’m not going to buy into it.


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