Jots with dots 5/8

This is needed:  There’s a palpable homeless problem in downtown St. Paul.

We don’t actually live in a state of audacious lawmaking:  Its very institutional in MN.

Good grief, MO sounds more and more like a hell hole.  You recall the movie Road House?  Bouncer movie, Patrick Swayze… kinda stupid…  It was set in Missouri, and one of the dramatic plot tensions was the notion of running an honest bar in what was basically a Kleptocracy operated by the local business magnate.  It’s like… that’s really how it is in Missouri.

Give me an example…  Thing is, I don’t think we generally end up with policies favored by ‘the wealthy’ that are all that narrowly tailored for ‘the wealthy’.  We’re generally talking mainstream policies that have some stature in the larger public mind that the wealthy give a shove to.

Or not

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

I agree and I disagree:  This is a thing, nowhere is DIY more vibrant.  And it’s not a new thing.  The big point:  the gun business is more decentralized than any, the big players don’t have a very big piece of the pie and there’s not a fixed point around which activity organizes and orbits.  Tangentially, this would also obviate a notion that the NRA serves corporate manufacturing interests.  It doesn’t, or does only so far as it’s serving a lot of interests at the same time.  Disagree:  Ghost guns, not really a thing.  As it’s always been thus, to worry about homebrew smithing now is to assert the mundane as the malevolent.  There’s not really any scalable ‘trafficking’ to come out of these garage machining efforts.  To say the nefarious will take up these methods to subvert tracking systems, etc… I think you end up crediting these guys with motivations or time or particularly insight that these ‘nefarious’ people don’t really usually have.

I don’t agree with this notion:  I like David Brooks.  The stentorian Kerri Miller had him on the other day.  Him and Douthat, and I dunno…Charles Murray…  are articulating an insight for something that’s real, ‘norms’ I’ll say, and no one else does this.


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