Trend spotting:  Eye on the mail 

It’s horsheshit.  I was giving my gunsmithing supplier Brownell’s some constructive criticism the other day on the tweeter (they responded cordially, took responsibility…).  In my working lifetime, ie the last 10 years of my gunsmithing practice, I was getting 3 day mail times on parcels from their warehouse in central Iowa.  Well that’s changed somewhat recently, I’d say since the first of the year, its 8 business days now.  And I figured Brownell’s service deteriorated in tandem with some expansion activity… they have embraced some drop shipping methods, and you look at tracking of various items, that might be chewing up a day at the order picking stage.  I come to realize the other 4 days of the new delays are USPS.   Despite there being no point in complaining… I’ll say there’s some hokey-ness in all this.  Ya know, first class mail is probably subject to service parameters rather than guarantees, but my other vendor is in Idaho and he buys me two day priority labels for my boxes.  Ya are, or ought to be, buying into a service guarantee there.  So I buy material from him on April 30th, it heads out to Salt Lake City, and tracking shows it departed there for the Twin Cities May 2.  This stuff is air, so it gets to the Eagan / Mendota Heights distribution center the next day, the 3rd.  But it’s not scanned in until yesterday, the 5th.  So this and other stuff is properly arrived at distribution points, but basically sitting in totes for a couple or more days before anyone gets to it.   Same with the Brownell’s packages, it gets to Eagan Mendota heights and sits in totes for days.

I’m just not convinced that the reorganization and merging of various distribution points is cause that totes can’t be unloaded with stuff put on conveyor belts to get on their way.  But what do I know.

Fedex van came to the house a couple weeks ago on a Saturday, dude opened the back to get my thing and it was just about all Amazon prime stuff.  So there’s that, someone is making it work.


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