Jots with Dots 5/6

A lot of quibbling today…

And?  Writer’s big beef is that Sanders supported PLCAA, which what, enforces a kind of tort screen such that product liability is understood very literally for firearms.  IE, they have to be defective, not misused, to make a claim in a court action.  Fair to say maybe that not all industries have this protection.  Thing is, we’re all to kinda understand that Sanders’ candidacy is a good thing, and certainly a Slate writer is to understand this in conventional ways.  Well, Sanders’ candidacy would not exist if he was anti-gun in any meaningful way, as he would not have ascended past mayor of Burlington as a 3rd party candidate.  So deal with it.

Word police: welfare   As society, we haven’t reached a consensus that there’s a righteous proper mineral fee rate such that remittances under that would be ‘welfare’.  So such that USS is paying, and they are, they’re not getting ‘welfare’.   AND, taxes are properly understood as negotiable such that politics is negotiation and allocation, and that’s what Longhi is doing, which is aligned with his job responsibilities of maximizing profit and competitiveness…  So there’s not actually an irony in him making X and USS being profitable and also seeking to negotiate a mineral fee reduction.

They’re not  I don’t encounter ‘switchblades’ on the sporting goods market.  What’s prevalent are folding knives, and the blade is pinned to the handle, with that attachment point there maybe featuring a cam radius riding on a brake or button.  Cam radius’ shape may have some effect on how fast the blade will flip out with inertia.  It’s not to say the blade pops out with the spring’s assistance, or makes it automatic, cuz that’s not what it does.  Spring on the button is to lock the blade, that also not being the blade opening ‘automatic’ with ‘spring assistance’.  Real simple.

I said that:


What are those enormous, ugly raptor birds in the valley:  Previously, me and the wife: boy there sure are a lot of ‘buzzards’ flying around the neighborhood.  Looking at Wikipedia, you see their summer range is most of central North America.  Still, their local abundance seems to be a new thing in the valley.


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