Freddie Gray, the movie

Their almost no doubt will be a movie and it’s not as if there shouldn’t be one.

At the van’s next stop, Officer Goodson met the officers who made the initial arrest, and a sergeant who had arrived on the scene. Opening the van once again, they “observed Mr. Gray unresponsive on the floor of the wagon,” Ms. Mosby said.

The sergeant, she said, spoke to the back of Mr. Gray’s head, but he did not respond. “She made no effort to look, to assess or the determine his condition,” Ms. Mosby said.

This movie’s value is going to be in not playing street justice renegade cops as charismatic figures.  I don’t think we’ve seen that yet in film.

On conservative naysaying at Daily Caller, on Powerline, at Hot Air, on Fox:

The claim is that Mosby overcharged and thus… one of our favorite words around here… ‘overeached’.  Baloney.  I think it’s pretty standard fair to charge civilians with murder with the only real evidence being an autopsy report stating homicidal calamity as cause of death.  Such that there are mitigating circumstances, that stuff is left for the trial… you know, that is when its civilian defendants we’re talking about.

So what Mosby has done is defy typical convention, and not give them the benefit of doubt that urban prosecutors have typically granted the police.  Could be a tipping point here, and the Overton window opening.  We may see that become more common.

She’ll be no worse for wear, she’s got a bright future whether she wins the prosecutions or not.

Jots with dots

I said that:  IE, a trial is delivery of justice

Good.  I said that his initial comments were abysmal and un-Rand like.

Workplace violence, thwarted  This is so Texan.  I am quite adolescent, and can kinda appreciate the provocativeness of the event….but my rational mind does tell me the whole thing was too provocative.  Such that this was the event and then the game and chaos theory potentialities were somewhat foreseeable and far from remote… it’s not a bad thing at all that those dudes were shot dead.  That mighta been worth something.

This is only counterintuitive because Joe Mauer is a big galoot with unremarkable foot speed.  Otherwise ya figure all his numbers are what they should be for a leadoff hitter.  Recall, he’s 6’ 5”, 220 or something.  I suppose 220 is not all that muscle bound if you are that tall.  What’s odd to me is this mysterious thing where a guy can have ‘plus’ major league bat speed and not major league power.  Or, a swing where a guy is so consistently on the button that he never generates any loft.  Or, it’s a matter of never getting ahead of the pitch, ya figure the whole e=mc2 thing might be such that in the swing the barrel is at its highest velocity ahead of the hips rather than at them… and that’s never his contact point.  It’s just so thoroughly confounding this man doesn’t have any power.


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