Rioting works

I said that:  “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for no justice, no peace,” she said.

And I’d say further, this is not elaborate insight, it’s a mere consent of the governed calculation where you discern rioting demonstrates the public’s attention and interest whereas its otherwise observed at the ballot box or in letters to the editor.  And that the institutions are compelled in these circumstances to act with some deference to public sentiment lest all these people lose their sinecures in the aftermath of a political upheaval.  Easy.  You see it coming and you’re on the right side, you keep your job and stature.

If the public doesn’t express dissatisfaction, the status quo goes on and internal affairs bureaus refer reports to prosecutors that clear officers of culpability and recommends no bills. Didn’t happen here.  Cuz riots.

So who knows what happens now, but judicial adjudication is justice by definition.  Is that redundant?  Its just to say, justice isn’t usually applied to police.  These cops are getting charged with false arrest too, cops NEVER get charged for malfeasance of process, it’s always excused as a nominal mistake for their line of work.


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